Girl's Hygiene Memory Game

Want a fun way to teach girls with autism how to take care of their hygiene needs?

It’s no surprise that children with autism think in pictures. Using a hands on, highly visual game is a fun way to work on a much needed skill. 

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Girl’s hygiene memory game is a highly visual and hands on game to help girls with autism learn to take care of their basic hygiene needs. Children with autism tend to think in pictures and needs loads of repetition before their brains can make the connection needed to master a skill. Why not teach them in the way they learn best?

Let’s face it. The more girls with autism can do for themselves, the less they will be a target for abuse and neglect. Teaching basic hygiene skills benefits them as well as their caregivers.  Anytime we can improve their quality of life and raise their confidence, we should make it happen. Play a game to make learning this skill fun!

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1 review for Girl’s Hygiene Memory Game

  1. jewels match 3

    Is it too late to participate?

    • Penny

      HI! I’m not sure what your asking. This item is for sale in my store. All you need to do is add it to your cart then check out. It will be delivered to you automatically. Thanks!

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