Boy's Hygiene Memory Game

Want a fun way to teach boys with autism how to take care of their unique hygiene needs?

It’s no surprise that children with autism think in pictures. Using a hands on, highly visual game is a fun way to work on much needed skills to improve their quality of life.



Boy’s hygiene memory game is a fun way to teach children with autism how to take care of their needs. Repetition is key to mastering these basic skills.  Playing this game on a regular basis helps them to visualize what they need to do for each hygienic need.  Children with autism tend to think in pictures so why not teach them the way they learn best?

Anything that makes our child with autism more self reliant is a good thing for both the child and caregiver.  The less hands on care that is needed both now and in the future helps protect them from abuse or neglect. Don’t leave these basic  needs untaught so your child has to rely on others. Think long term and work on these skills as long as necessary. 

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