Beach Scavenger Hunt



Going to the beach with your child with autism? Want to do a fun scavenger hunt while there to add in some learning or beforehand so she knows what to expect?

This fun beach scavenger hunt will do both. It’s great for readers and non readers with words and pictures beside each item. It shows what you may see at the beach so there are no surprises.

Not all kids love the beach. This beach scavenger hunt will give them something to do while everyone else goes in the water. I laminate one and let her mark it up as many times as she wants. It gives her a fun activity to do like everyone else.

You can also use it to help familiarize your child with the beach and it’s many inhabitants before you go. Our kids with autism don’t like to go new places. Fun scavenger hunts like this one make them more comfortable about going.

Regardless of how you use it, scavenger hunts are a great way to work on observation skills, teamwork, working memory, and positive episodic memories. It certainly can be another activity to work on the master apprentice role, staying together, and reading as well as speech skills.


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