10+ Perfect Jobs For Moms w/Free Job Tracker!

Are you a one income family who is  looking for more ways to afford autism or bring money into help with family finances? Being an autism mom means you need to work from home and have a flexible schedule. You want a job that’s going to make a difference, pays halfway decent, and has the flexibility that autism demands. Lucky for you, the skills you’ve picked up as an autism parent can prepare you for a number of incredible and meaningful jobs. Don’t hesitate to substitute experience for education when filling out applications and updating your resume. You may be surprised at the jobs available to moms with experience only.

10+ Perfect Jobs For Moms

Online Teacher/Tutor

An autism mom has many of the same skills that teachers use on a daily basis. Communication is key to this job. You communicate at home with your own children , whether talking them through a problem they’re having or asking them to do something for you. Problem solving is another important skill, as is the ability to be creative. These days there are a variety of online teaching positions that don’t entail you leaving your house. from virtual schools and charter schools, to teaching Chinese children how to speak English.  Lots of online positions only require a college degree in something not necessarily education. Most are flexible in their hours as well which is perfect for an autism mom.


According to ZipRecruiter, the national average of a transcriber is $15/hour. If you are a fast typist with strong punctuation and grammar skills, this job may be for you. This type of job offers great flexibility because you are able to make your own schedule and work at times that are best for you. You also have the flexibility to choose jobs that work best for you, and according to due dates. You need to be able to listen to a recording and type it out quickly. Strong listening and typing skills are a must.

Virtual Assistant

Starting your own virtual assistant business is the perfect opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home! Businesses and bloggers, to name a few, are always looking for people to help them manage mundane tasks like social media and making graphics. If you have internet access and are proficient at either of those things, you can make some serious cash being an independent contractor. Premiere Executive Media has a phenomenal course to help you start and succeed in this business. 

In this 6 week Virtual Assistants Making Money course you will:

  • Receive 30+ content rich classes
  • Personal small group coaching and mentorship
  • Workbook with hands-on course activities
  • Real world insight into the VA industry including pricing and networking
  • Practical advice from an industry veteran 

Graphic Designer

Although this could technically fall under the Virtual Assistant category, being a Graphic Designer is a genre all on its own. If you are the creative type with a good eye for designing images that stand out, consider this as the perfect work-from-home job. There are many platforms to choose from when deciding what to use; however, Canva and Adobe are the main go-to. With the expansion of online businesses, finding work for this job isn’t too hard. My typical teenager has been able to find work making posters or printables for bloggers easily. Why not use your strength of having a good design eye to your advantage. Fiverr would be a good place to look for freelance options in this area.

Copy Editor/ Proofreader

You don’t necessarily need to be an English major to be a copy editor or proofreader. For this job, you typically need to have a good sense of being able to read a document and ensure that it makes sense. The major things to look for are sentence structure, word choice, and spelling. If you don’t mind reading documents and making corrections, then you’ll be happy to know that a job of this sort can bring an upwards of $32/hour. Lots of bloggers hire proofreaders for their ebooks. Newspapers are a great place to look as well.


Nursing also requires problem solving skills, as well as crisis management skills. A nurse sees all kinds if things each and every day, and some of them aren’t pretty. Communication and responsibility are crucial in a role such as this. There are different kinds of nurses out there specializing in different areas, so you’ll need to look at types of nursing graduate degrees to help you figure it out. The great part about nursing is that it pays well and most have a 3 day schedule leaving the other 4 days of the week free.  If you can stick with it to get the degree then this could be a game changer. Some states will even pay you to be your child’s nurse so you don’t even have to leave the house.

Team Manager

You could potentially manage a team of people with the skills you’ve picked up as an autism mom. Supervising and managing people is something moms do every day, so this would make you a great candidate for a similar role. You are usually pretty experienced at motivating your hesitant child. This experience will be beneficial to any retail location or work at home position at a company such as Amazon

Event Planner

As a mom, you have planned many events already. Think birthday parties, sleepovers, baby showers, and surprise gatherings. Believe it or not, all those party planning days can be put to use by helping others plan events of their own. It also works in your favor if you simply love planning anyways. Put your skills of paying attention to detail, being able to meet deadlines, and creating a time people remember to use. You’ll also be happy to know that event planners typically charge at least $25/hour. I know that busy autism moms would rather pay someone to do all the details then add it to their schedule. Start with family and friend’s events to build up your portfolio.

Financial Planner

The role of a financial planner could be a great freelance postion. This can be a ‘by appointment’ job that can suit your schedule perfectly, helping you to fit everything around your kids and lifestyle. You are on top of your game here in order to pay for all the moving parts in Affording Autism. Take a quick tax preparer course to make extra $$ during tax season. Lead a Financial Peace class through Dave Ramsey.

Life Coach

Life coaching doesn’t require years of training, as it’s not really a regulated industry. You could use your experience as an autism mom to help other autism families. There are many families that could use that individualized attention. Being an education advocate is another great idea that goes along with this. An autism consultant who helps families navigate the road you’ve already walked with your child could be invaluable. This means you need great listening skills, problem solving skills, and communication skills – all of which autism moms have. This can be an extremely rewarding job as you are helping people to improve their lives on a daily basis

Brand Ambassador

This is a work-from-home job that can be easily overlooked, but is a great way to put extra money in your pocket (and get you free products). If you have a background in sales or retail, then you are most likely already familiar with the power of having brand ambassadors. These are the people that team up with companies and help sell their products or services on social media. Mom Select is an excellent company to help you find jobs for this !


All great moms could be children’s entertainers. Reading bedtime stories often means putting on voices of the characters and going from a tone of horror to a tone of delight in a matter of seconds. It may also mean participating in plays, making your kids laugh when it’s time for their jabs, and just keeping them occupied in general. These skills can be great for short gigs at local restaurants. Learn to make balloon animals and make some serious dough for a couple of hours of work. Ausome Balloon Creator makes some amazing ones.


If you have more than one child, especially children that are at similar ages, you probably know all about being a referee! Your kids aren’t going to be best friends all of the time, so you’re going to need to step in every now and again and sort things out. Whether you referee football, wrestling, or something else , you can only work one or two days per week for extra funds while you have fun.

Whether you are applying for new work-from-home jobs, or looking to keep track of the work you are doing from one you’ve found… I have a free job tracker printable for you. It’s simple, practical, and will help you notate jobs you’ve applied for, or jobs you have that need to be written on the calendar. Enjoy!

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