Are you looking for some easy ways to afford autism?

Affording Autism was birthed from a brain storming session during a budget meeting. It’s becomes a series that looks at the logistics of paying for the things our children with autism require that insurance either doesn’t cover or doesn’t cover enough.  Waiting lists for assistance can be years long. There are therapies, respite care, personal hygiene items or sensory items needed to help our children function.  A family can go into debt trying to help their child navigate their many needs.  

We jokingly refer to Logan as our house. You see, we have spent enough on his needs to have purchased a house outright.  I’ve heard stories of other families emptying out their 401ks and other retirement accounts.  Sold their homes and possessions to pay for items that their child or children need.  Let’s start a revolution of people who find innovative ways to help our children while not breaking the bank at the same time.

How much disability do you get for autism?

Depending on your family’s income, your child with autism may qualify for SSI. When the child is under 18, the parent’s income is what is used to determine eligibility. Once the child turns 18, you can use their income only. This criteria can make it difficult for a married couple with any sort of assets to get SSI for their child with autism until he turns 18. The process of applying is tedious as well. You can find all the information at

What financial help can I get for my child with autism?

What are the costs associated with autism?

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Why does autism therapy costs so much?

Looking for tips and tricks on how to afford autism?

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