Going On Vacation Is Nothing Like It Was 10 Years Ago

Travel isn’t the same as it was ten years ago – not by a long shot. Things have changed enormously. But most of us haven’t noticed it happening. It’s all so subtle and slow. And it occurred in a piecemeal way, meaning that it kind of went under the radar. 

This post looks back over the last ten years and asks why travel is nothing like it was in the past. Here are our thoughts on the subject: 

Vacation Agents Are Down

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When was the last time you went to a holiday agent to book your holiday for you? The answer is probably “a long time ago.” The reason for that has nothing to do with the quality of their services – they’re better now than in the past. 

No – it has to do with the fact that you can now book all-inclusive packages over the internet with a simple click of the mouse. Dozens of easy-to-use websites mean that booking your dream vacay is a breeze and something you can do in your lunch hour. It’s not as complicated as it was in the past. 

Travel Technology Is Much Improved

Then there’s technology – something else that has had a massive impact on how we spend time on vacations. In the past, you’d stuff your luggage with paperbacks that you could read beside the pool at your leisure, but today’s that’s all changed. Kindles now mean that you have access to entire libraries of books on a single device. And streaming services allow you to consume all your favorite content while on a coach or plane. It’s quite incredible. There are even technologies, according to TroyPoint, that allow you to mask your identity on the move, improving privacy when using public WiFi. 

Keeping In Touch Isn’t The Same

Do you remember when you had to send postcards to people to tell them about your travels? Well, those days are now long gone. Social media really took off over the last ten years, and nowadays, you can simply publish all your holiday snaps online for all to see. It’s way easier than you think. Just snap a pic with your phone and then upload it to your profile and wait for the likes and comments to roll in. 

Planning Your Trip Is Easier

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Planning your trip used to rely heavily on your imagination. You couldn’t always get the flavor of a place by simply reading the brochure. You were still taking a bit of a risk whenever you handed over the money. 

But in today’s world, things are very different. With blogs and videos, you can get a real sense of what a specific location is like without first having to go there. 

It means that holidays are becoming less risky. With things like virtual tours, you can check that the hotel isn’t a building site. And thanks to travel bloggers, you can read dozens of articles for practically any location, getting a sense of what people thought about it. You’re not taking a leap into the unknown anymore.