How Travel Affects Your Home

Those who might consider themselves to be particularly keen travelers would probably agree that travel has a way of changing one’s life dramatically. Even if you only travel a little, you will probably find this to be the case. In all likelihood, if you travel,  you probably find that your home is automatically affected by the places you have been. We try to bring back some sort of memento from our travels to remind us of all the fun memories. It’s a great way to work on episodic memory with your child with autism.

Turning Cultural Baggage On Its Head

Everywhere you go, you pick up a little of the culture and take a little of your own culture with you. This kind of unconscious exchange is something which you don’t often have much control over, but it is also the kind of thing which you probably seek when you go traveling anyway. The way in which this process can influence your home upon your return is quite intriguing. Just as you take a little of your own culture with you on your travels, when you return you probably find that, in subtle ways, you change how you approach the home. Watch out for this next time you travel, and you will see just how powerful it can be. If you visited a country which is especially focused on the so-called rumah minimalis, or minimalist home, then you will find that you are more likely to adopt a some adaption of the minimalist approach in your own home after the fact. Similarly, visiting somewhere with a significant degree of excess might change your attitude to the home in the opposite fashion. It’s interesting to pay attention to these things and spot what it does to your home.

Furniture & Its Origins

Many people furnish their home based on what seems to go together with the home itself at the time they move in. Financial restrictions are always going to be an issue for many people. You can nonetheless find that there are some changes in how you choose to furnish your home when you do a lot of traveling.  You might actually also find yourself falling in love with a particular item of furniture or style of furniture which you have seen while traveling. Perhaps you will even find yourself sacrificing your standard sofa in the name of getting a divan instead, or you choose to use an ottoman rather than a chair. This particular impulse can crop up in many ways, and it is likely that you will find yourself gradually changing furniture the more that you get out into the world and travel. When you sit on that furniture, you can remember where you first saw it then talk about something specific about that trip.

Decorative Styles

Clearly, there are many different kinds of decorative styles all over the planet.You are especially likely to see the influence of other cultures in your home if you are a frequent or keen traveler. It might not even be that any change in decorative style is a conscious decision. Instead you find yourself altering how you decorate the home over time and as  you find yourself going to different places. However, because it is likely that you do not paint your walls as often as you buy new furniture and smaller items, such changes probably won’t occur at quite the same obvious rate. Nonetheless, you will still be likely to see some distinct alteration in the way you decorate the home when you travel the world a lot. When picking a color, you could ask your child with autism for input on the color while also bringing up where in your travels it was prevalent.

Bringing Items Back Home

Undoubtedly one of the much more direct ways in which your home is likely to be influenced by your travels is when you find yourself actually bringing items back home to have on display. This is one of the true joys of travel. It would hardly seem sensible to go traveling to many different locations if you were to never bring anything back with which to decorate your home. Often, because you don’t want to bring too much on to a plane, these items will be small, but that is really for the best if you are to be travelling a great deal. After all, you don’t want to find that you are completely stuffing your home with knick-knacks from other places. Our tradition in Autismland is to buy a Christmas ornament from the places we’ve visited. At Christmas, we have a great time hanging them on one special tree while reminicing about our memories.

The More Places You Go, The More Varied The Home

Of course, if you are really keen to make it so that your home is particularly full of such items and remembrances of your travels, you will want to up your traveling game a little. If anything this is yet another excuse to go traveling as much as you can. The more you go, the more you bring home – whether physically or psychologically – and the more varied and interesting your home might turn out to be.


Where are you traveling to next, and how likely is it to influence the state of your home?