3 Essential Oils We Use In Autismland

Living in Autismland brings a plethora of issues along with it. You have to constantly be on the lookout for sensory needs as well as other autism-specific issues like anxiety, over stimulation, frustration, etc.  Think of it as putting out fires all the time. Natural remedies are always my first choice for my family, regardless of autism. There are some pretty common issues that can be treated with essential oils pretty easily.  There are 3 essential oils for autism that come into play pretty regularly.

Raising a child with autism does not come without added expenses. In 2014, the JAMA Pediatric Journal did a study that found the cost of raising one child with autism throughout their lifetime costs $1.4 million dollars and that if that child had an intellectual disability with autism, the cost went up to more than $2.4 million. Autism parents must do what they can to help their children feel well and cope with the over stimulation in their environment without breaking the bank. Medications and supplements can often become cost-prohibitive. One simple way to help a child cope with sensory stimulus is through the use of aromatherapy—or, as the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMM) says, the use of essential oils for the purpose of healing. Although true aromatherapy is conducted by a certified professional, UMM discusses the benefits of certain oils in relieving pain, helping with depression and anxiety, and reducing stress levels. The following oils are known for helping with these symptoms, which are also common in children with autism.

What Essential Oils Are Good For Autism?

Lavender Oil is used for calming and relaxing the nervous system. You can use lavender in  so many ways! 

  • Put a few drops into the bath at night before bed.
  • Put some on your child’s pillow at bedtime.
  • Put a few drops in  a diffuser
  • Mix it with water in a glass bottle to spritz in the room and on the bed as part of  your bedtime routine.

What does lavender do to boys?

Be aware that lavender is known as an endocrine disrupter and is not to recommended for frequent use on boys. It has been prospectively linked to abnormal breast growth in boys. Do your research and determine if the benefits outweigh the costs for your family.

Sandalwood Oil  is useful for reducing blood pressure, relieving inflammation, helps with weight loss, improves memory, and reduces anxiety. This oil comes from a tree, so it has more of a woodsy smell, but you see sandalwood used in many places, including deodorants, soaps, and lotions. If you didn’t want to get the essential oil, you could certainly use one of these things. Just watch the additional ingredients. You can use the essential oil a few different ways.

  • Put a few drops in a diffuser. (I think it smells like camping if that helps.)
  • Put a drop in your hand then rub together; cup hands over nose to inhale the scent.
  • Make a roller ball blend. Fill roller ball with fractionated coconut oil then add a few drops of Sandalwood.  Apply to the brain stem area on back of neck.

Rose Oil has many uses, but the largest known use is as an antidepressant. The oil comes from the Damascus Rose, which has a stronger rose scent, so it can be quite pleasant which makes it a happy, flowery scent. It’s an acceptable alternative to lavender if you are looking for one. 

  • Very nice diffused or spritzed like lavender.  
  • Put a drop on your hand then rub your hands together; cup them and put them over your nose to inhale.
  • Make a rollerball blend to apply like perfume. Boys may not like it.

Orange Oil gets used mostly to combat inflammation and soothe someone after a rough day. You can use orange oil as a sedative, to relieve anxiety, or to help with depression .  

  • I love diffusing citrus blend as well as orange oil.  
  • This can be put into a roller ball, but my favorite is to put it in the same bottle as the roller ball but change the cap to a spritz one.  Mix with water instead of oil if spritzing (but oil won’t kill you if you spritz it on too).
  • It’s a scent that many would call happy so it’s a great mood lifter.

Lemon Verbena Oil can reduce inflammation, help with digestive issues, and helps with anxiety. It’s a citrus oil so use the same as orange or citrus blend. 

Those are just a few essential oils we use here in Autismland.. I’m not saying they are a cure for everything that ails us. I’m not even saying they work all the time. There are some autism rising days that need actual medication or other avenues to survive. Such is the life of an autism family.

I am not a doctor. I don’t play one on tv. I am simply sharing what works for my family in hopes that it may or may not help your family. Please seek a professional medical opinion who knows your family better than I do.