Using Essential Oils To Help With Autism Symptoms

Using essential oils to help with autism symptoms is how we have been successful in using essential oils to help ease some of the discomforting symptoms that often accompany autism.  Before the haters jump out of the woodwork to attack me, we are not trying to cure Logan’s autism. What we are trying to do is help him be the healthiest and happiest he can be despite autism.  As with everything in autism, what works for one child with autism may not work for another child with autism.  

Using essential oils  to help with autism symptoms has been life changing for our family. Before oils, we had poop smearing and sleepless nights. It was impossible to go out to eat or shop. Communication was non existent as was eye contact. Autism had him essentially living in his own little world. Essential oils didn’t make these problems vanish immediately. What they did was ease these symptoms so we could help him learn how to manage his life productively.  It also helped ease the burden on the family which made our home life better and allows us to help Logan better. 

I was first introduced to EOs  a few years ago from a fellow crunchy mama. I thought she had clearly lost her mind and jumped on the essential oil cult wagon. Sometimes what we consider off the wall is exactly what is needed to help our children manage their autism symptoms with minimal side effects.  A natural approach is always a great place to start as is having an open mind to unconventional therapies. Autism has a habit of introducing you to things you never knew existed. If the natural approach doesn’t work, you can always move to more conventional medicines.  But what if natural solutions worked?

Using Essential Oils To Help With Autism Symptoms


Peppermint is a great fever reducer. In a pinch, I put a drop right on the forehead.  The ideal is to have a roller bottle with a mixture of 3-5 drops of  peppermint oil mixed with  a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil. You can then rub this mixture on the forehead or the back of the neck when a fever strikes.  I use the same formula on the base of the neck where the brain stem is when motion sickness hits while traveling. Peppermint is a godsend in our house. 


Lavender works great for relaxing and winding down before bedtime. Sleep has always been elusive in our autism household. For awhile, Logan would only sleep an hour and a half per night. Michael and I had to take shifts so he didn’t hurt himself.  Something had to change! Diffusing lavender at night helps calm and relax him. We also put some in a spray bottle with water to mist the pillow cases and sheets.  Another great option is to use the Counting Sheep roller bottle at the temples and the back of the ears.  The bottom of the feet is always a good place to apply oils on children as well.  Be careful using loads of lavender around boys.  It can mess up their endocrine systems and spur breast growth. The research is still inconclusive on that but it’s important to know it’s a possibility.

Using Essential Oils To Help with Autism shows you how one mom treated some common autism symptoms using only essential oils.

Another great use for lavender is for first aid.  Lots of children can not handle the sensory input of a band-aid. A drop or two of lavender EO helps the bleeding stop when there is a small cut or scratch.  We also use it for minor burns, sunburns, and bug bites. Ouchie blend is perfect for traveling. It is easy to apply and transport for on-the-go. 



Cedarwood is also a great oil for sleep issues. Cedarwood  is a calming and sedative type of oil. This oil helps you “shut down” at night and calm their mind before going to sleep.We use this oil in combination with or in place of lavender before bedtime. It doesn’t seem to mess with the endocrine system like lavender does in boys. Diffuse it or put in roller ball with a carrier oil.


Vetiver EO is psychologically grounding, calming, and stabilizing. It was studied by Dr. Terry Friedmann for improving children’s behavior with ADD and ADHD. It may help people cope with stress and recover better from emotional trauma and shock. It can be so useful for when meltdowns occur out of the blue. Diffusing it is our go to choice.


Some of our favorite blends for essential oils to treat autism symptoms:


How to Apply Essential Oils 

    • Topically, by mixing a few drops with fractionated coconut oil then applying to the base of the neck, the forehead, or the balls of the feet with a roller ball.
    • Adding a few drops to a diffuser.
    • Adding one or two drops directly on the child.  Be careful with this as some oils are considered hot and can burn, so look at the label beforehand.
    • Start with the bottom of the feet. The bottom of the feet are where your vitaflex points are located. Vitaflex points areas that affect other parts of your body (ie. the bottom of the big toe connects to the brain). Not only that, you absorb faster through the bottom of your feet except for ingesting something. If ingestion is not an option then bottom of the feet is the next best thing.  Bonus that the child can smell it as much when it’s on the feet. Put on some socks and you have no sensory aversion to the smell.

That’s how we use essential oils here in Autismland. Sometimes they work immediately and thoroughly and sometimes it’s slow going.  It’s the same way with medication. Have you found a natural way to improve autism symptoms in your child?


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