31 Days to Homeschooling Using Disney Parks : Youth in Education Series




Today we get to talk about the amazing Youth Education Series at Walt Disney World.  I was blessed recently to have been invited to partake of a few of them by Disney Public Relations.   Not only are the classes extremely educational but the staff is well trained and delightful.  Disneyland has a similar program but I have not witnessed those first hand.  I’m sure  that, as with all things Disney, they are just as great as the Walt Disney World ones.  The Exploring the Golden State class looks like  a phenomenal way to study state history if you happen to be a Californian.  It would be a great educational activity even if you were on vacation.  


The rest of this article is featured over at Heidi’s Head on the Magical Blogorail series.  I encourage you to hop on over to read about these amazing programs .  Thank you so much for continuing to join me on this 31 Days to Homeschooling Using Disney Parks Series.  


Day 1: Overview

Day 2: Haunted Mansion

Day 3 : Literature Selections

Day 4 : Nature Studies

Day 5: Flower and Garden Festival

Day 6: American History