Where They Learn Is Unimportant In Homeschooling

Where they learn is unimportant in homeschooling is a gentle reminder that learning can take place anywhere.  One of the hang ups of public school is that children sit at a desk for long periods.  As any parent of a child with special needs like autism or ADHD knows , that is all but impossible for our kids. Sometimes , especially if we are trying to replicate school at home, we get so wrapped up in making it look good that we forget to do what’s good for our children. It can be difficult to let go of the perfect image in our heads.
 Where they learn is unimportant in homeschooling is a gentle reminder that learning can happen anywhere at anytime if you let it.

 The goal of any homeschool should be to teach the love of learning. They will not know all the answers but they should know how to find out. You may or may not be preparing the child for college.  Either way, the end goal is to help the child learn, at minimum, a few things on his own. I generally give all the children free reign to do their independent lessons wherever they choose in or outside the house.  I keep myself available to them for help if they need it but generally those are the lessons that are done on their own.  They then return their work to their boxes for me to check . It keeps them moving in their lessons while also giving me accountability to look over their work .  Mistakes are corrected at that moment not hours later. 

Logan likes to  do his physical therapy while reading one of his many assigned books.  He gets books for just about every subject.  There is no shortage of something that needs reading. This is due to him being a strong reader.  Therefore it is a subject that I can let him do independently.  Comprehension is easily checked by narration which can be done on the treadmill as well.  I say if he can walk on the treadmill and read, more power to him.  I personally couldn’t do it .  I would fall off for sure.   This combines a subject he doesn’t like with one he really likes. Sort of makes eating the frog easier in his case. It is certainly unconventional no matter how you look at it.  He would not be able to do this while sitting in a classroom. Yet another fantastic example of adapting homeschool to his needs rather than trying to make him fit into the preconceived mold.

Where they learn is unimportant in homeschooling is a gentle reminder that learning can happen anywhere at anytime if you let it.

I don’t know how to describe Madison.  She can often be found hanging upside down from something.  This is her backwards in the recliner doing her math.  Yes, backwards.  She often does her table work practicing her releves from ballet.  I say if it gets the work done then I don’t care how she sits in the chair or what she practices at the table.   

Same goes for read a loud time or other together lessons.  If she wants to hang upside down while I read or we listen to an audio book then that is her choice.  I do give her things to keep her still like drawing or a handicraft but she can be in any position that she wants.  An indoor trampoline or  exercise ball would help during lessons as well to give her a way to move around while learning.  The amazing  part is that she is not my child with autism.  He is the one walking on the treadmill while reading. Anyway, don’t think that you can’t do a lesson because your child won’t or can’t be still. There are always ways to work around it. 

There are  days that we  have to tote our work along to therapy appointments.  If you have a child with any sort of special needs then you have therapy.  Some days it feels like all you do is go from one therapy to the next.   This week alone, Madison toted her read a loud and Bible work to hippotherapy. We’ve been known to break out the art set to do picture narration in the middle of the waiting room at physical therapy or do our recitations in the parking lot. Bring what needs to be done and do it while you wait. It helps to pass the time quicker while either waiting for your turn or while waiting for the sibling to come out. Now, I do tend to have Madison bring something that she will need minimal assistance from me. The reasoning behind this is I like to watch what they are working on with Logan. This way , we can work on it at home as well for our home therapy program. If I am unsure of what they are doing, I’d rather ask while they are doing it than later. Therapists love me. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

Where they learn is unimportant in homeschooling is a gentle reminder that learning can happen anywhere at anytime if you let it.

Lessons can be completed anywhere.  Yes, there are times when you need them to sit and listen.  Many times the where simply doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that it gets done in a timely manner. Don’t get so boxed into the model of children sitting primly around the table doing lessons that you frustrate yourself.  You’ll be amazed at how much more your child can learn by letting them move around.  Open up to the possibility that lessons can be done in a variety of places along with a variety of ways! Add fun back into your homeschool by being flexible as well as creative in your approach.