What Ambleside Online Year 12 Looks Like

What Ambleside Online Year 12 looks like for us here in Autismland is really pretty exciting.  We have long passed the time when independent learning has taken hold.  While I still make his plans for him , this is to keep him on task.  He  struggles with time management.  This is an autism issue not a school issue.  Lots of people with autism have difficulty with organization skills.  

How to do Ambleside Online for your child with autism for their senior year


This is an exciting year for us.  We have the Presidential elections coming so that will definitely play into our homeschool.  I really like the Uncle Eric Series Book Set as does Logan.  They have been an integral part of his high school education.  Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused?  is perfect for the presidential primaries.  This book series should be required reading for all high schoolers.  It seriously explains things in such an interesting way.  Think Schoolhouse Rock in book form.  

Logan will love this Ambleside year as it is all about current events with the back drop of the ancients. He has always love Ancient Rome and Greece.  Showing him the connection between then and now will be so much fun.  The best part is that I will learn right alongside him .  They didn’t teach this stuff to me when I was in high school.  Reason # 1,452,021 that I love homeschooling. 

Senior year for my child with autism involves Ambleside Online Year 12

Algebra 2 will be taught by Dad as well as the anatomy dissections.  We will use Apologia The Human Body: Fearfully And Wonderfully Made as his science spine.  Logan really loves learning from a textbook. It’s his comfort zone.  Madison, on the other hand, will do anatomy without the textbook.  I’ll leave the explanation for that to her post. 

This is the year that he finishes reading the Harry Potter to me as his read a loud .  I have a big Harry Potter extravaganza complete with a trip to Universal to see Harry Potter World.  He also get the Harry Potter 1- 7 Audio Collection which he has coveted for years.  He will be so excited to get it!

Senior year plans with my child with autism involves Ambleside Online Year 12

Latin and Spanish will round out his foreign language requirements. For the first time this year, he will do a current events journal which I learned about at this year’s LER.  He will also round out his studies by working on his life skills journal .   Nature, art and hymn all follow the same rotation and are best taught together with Madison . 

We are working towards graduation.  This year we will also work on a life plan for Logan to achieve independence.  He’s not there yet but we are certainly close.  We will most likely have a gap year after graduation to shore up some gaps as well as explore some career options. 

For an exact breakdown of the curriculum visit Ambleside Online.  There you will find a great explanation of the Charlotte Mason method as well.  All for absolutely free.