Weekly Wrap Up- Week 2

Whew, I’m tired. There was a lot to this week and no naps provided. Of course, my husband is still being obstinate about the memory card for the camera so there are no pictures. This is totally getting old!


Pretty uneventful here. Lessons finished and pajamas were worn all day.


We had physical therapy in the morning. The afternoon was lessons. The evening was dance class for Madison. Although independent work got done today, the together lessons of Bible, science and Spanish had to be added to another day.


I think we spent the whole day in the car. We went to visit the cutest baby ever born and served others and had therapy as well. We had church that evening and when we got home, we fell into bed. Literally. The saddest part of the day was that Dad was off and we barely saw him. Poor planning on my part. I didn’t realize that it was his day off. Of course, it is circled on the calendar and I look at the calendar every evening.


We had more therapy appts (did I mention autism sucks?), went to the library, and got Nana’s pimped out truck for Friday’s field trip. It was over an hour away so we needed to use a dependable vehicle. Logan got in trouble and had to eat dinner and go to bed afterwards for being disrespectful. Lessons did not get done today.


We went to the Titanic Experience in Orlando. It was so much fun. Titanic is one of mine and Madison’s favorite movies. Even Logan enjoyed seeing all the memorabilia and learning new facts. They have a great program there. We also went another library so that Logan could check out some Halo books. They are total twaddle ( non literature based) but sometimes you just need to veg out and read something brainless. We did all the remaining independent work this afternoon.


This is when we will do the together work that has not been done yet. If we don’t get it done, then we can pick it up next week. We have some scheduled field trip days that have fallen through so we can do it on those days. Of course, we are going over to Nana’s house for football in the afternoon. Maybe we can get something done!