Weekly Wrap Up: Week 1 which means that high school has begun!

Well, I survived week 1 of high school.  I can’t even believe that I wrote that! Yes, I have a high schooler.  You know what?  I really don’t know what’s scarier.  The fact that my precious baby boy is beginning high school or the fact that I am going to be the one teaching him high school subjects.  Yikes!

Once I talked myself off the ledge, which means that I drank more coffee than I care to admit, we began the week.  I made out the assignment sheet and off we went.  Wish me luck!

The week didn’t go as well as planned. I am still struggling with getting all the together work done .  Jimmie over at Jimmie’s Collage did give me some advice that I am going to implement in an effort to change that.  Both children are doing their independent work fairly well.  I write it out on a daily schedule for Madison but Logan gets the weekly work and makes his own schedule.  I am going to work with both of them  this term on really taking ownership of their education.

I’ll post our curriculum choices for Term 1 next week.  I need to work out our schedules too.  We have a ton of extra curricular activities so we will need a workable schedule to get through this term for sure!  Oh and I have to get first day of school pictures as well.  Guess they’ll be second week of school pictures!  Next week I promise not to be a slacker and have pics for my post next Friday!