Weekly Wrap Up: The One Where Our New Schedule Rocks!

Another week is in the books.  This week brought some new changes to the Rogers Academy in that after 8 years of night shift , Michael aka Dad went to day shift.  This is a huge blessing to our family as it will put him in the office at the same time as some of the big bosses which could lead to promotions plus we get to see him more than an hour per day.  But it also meant that we needed a new schedule as we have always kept the same schedule as Dad.   We certainly can’t stay up all night while Dad is asleep.




I was blessed recently to read a post from Jamerill at Free Homeschool Deals.   She had been posting on her Instagram page about her work schedule for her blog.  I had been struggling in that I either keep my blog updated at the expense of homeschooling or keep homeschool up to date at the expense of my blog. She has 7 children and manages to get both done.  I hopped over to her page immediately to see her schedule.



Monday was MLK Day which we don’t usually take off but since it was Dad’s birthday too and JoJo was still out of town with his mom, we were lazy bums.  Madison still had art in the morning where she turned in one of her art projects for the upcoming art festival.  This is the day that I wrote the schedule on the whiteboard for everyone to see. Now, the first person to shoot it down was Logan .  He didn’t like the idea at all.  I should note that he didn’t like the idea of changing our schedule in the very least regardless of Dad’s new schedule.  He did like the family game time every night though so that helped the adjustment.


Now , we do lots more outside activities than the Stewarts so our schedule has to flex.  Dance, church, and autism therapies all have to be done .  I will say that for the most part, the schedule has been good for everyone.  Each child has finished their independent work without me harping on them although the two little ones have each had to do some during their free time.  We are getting most of our together lessons completed as well.  That’s a win in my book!


This week has been the best week in our homeschool in quite awhile.  We get to hang out with Dad more, our school work is getting done, and lots of fun family time is happening.  Chores are done in addition to blogging happening.   What more can a girl ask for?



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