Weekly Wrap Up : The Celebrate Dance Edition

Whew, what a busy week we’ve had.  I think I need to stay home all next week just to recuperate .  It’s really been a busy 2 weeks with the trip to Atlanta then this school business.  I need a nap just writing it.  


The Celebrate Dance edition of the Weekly Wrap Up



We had MARINE BIOLOGY co op this week.  We certainly enjoy getting together with our friends to do experiments.  It’s just a couple of families that get together once a month to do the modules in the Apologia Marine Biology book.  This one was about coral .  The kids looked at coral under the microscope, at videos of coral fighting (bet you didn’t know it fought) plus broke some open to look at under a magnifying glass.   Logan was quite ecstatic to be able to share his “knowledge” with the class while impressing the other mom who has taken charge as teacher.  We don’t call him “Cliff” for nothing.


Celebrate Dance edition of weekly wrap up


Friday was a fun day in that I went to Epcot with JoJo , Leslie and Swae to  see the Tomorrowland premiere.  You got a free pin for checking it out on Passholder day.  Logan went to his friend’s house while Madison had the first class in Master Dance class weekend.  I’ve missed JoJo a ton so it was so much fun to get to hang out with him.  We looked at some of the Flower and Garden topiaries plus  rode some rides.  I miss that goofball but it was refreshing to see him doing well.


Celebrate dance edition of weekly wrap up


Madison had master dance classes all weekend.  She danced for 4 hours each day taking classes from guest teachers along with other teachers from the studio.  She got some really great feedback from several teachers that really encouraged her.  It made my heart smile to see her come out clearly exhausted but so happy.  She is really blossoming as a dancer.  Watching her follow her dreams makes my heart explode with happiness. 


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