Weekly Wrap Up: The Baltimore Edition

Ah, a week in Baltimore with my bestie and her family.  I had a homeschool mom’s conference to attend on Friday and Saturday.  God smiled on me when he made it in Baltimore where the Petersons are stationed.  We left on the Saturday before the conference so we would have lots of time to play pre conference. 





Saturday was the 13 hour drive to Baltimore .  Leslie was so nice to come with us to help drive which really came in handy.  We sat in standstill traffic in South Carolina for over 2 hours. This gave us a 4 AM arrival time at the Peterson house.  You know you’re really  good friends when you can arrive at 4 AM. 



Game time


Sunday brought lots of sleep, hanging out and game playing.  We had gluten free lasagna for dinner which my kids thought was beyond amazing.  I can’t wait to share that recipe with all of you using egg crepes for the noodles & cauliflower egg mixture for the ricotta cheese. Lots of fun, laughter and game time were had by all.  






Snow Day!!!! For the first time in Rogers Academy ,  a snow day was called because the Peterson kids got a snow day too!  Oh my goodness! Best day ever! Sunday had brought a slight dusting of snow while we were asleep .  My never saw snow before children were beyond ecstatic to play in it.  Freezing temperatures overnight Sunday to Monday  meant that there was no public school on Monday.  This meant that there was no school for the Rogers Academy either. 


We did only independent work on Tuesday as the Peterson kids got out of school two hours early. The children managed to finish their work after a brief break to go to the Lego store for Lego build day at the Arundell Mall.  Apparently this free workshop happens every first Tuesday of the month at Lego stores nationwide.  If you have a Lego fan in your family then ask at your local Lego store for more information. 



2015-03-04 11.04.20



The poor Peterson children had a full day of school on Wednesday.  Julie, Madison , and I went to Let’s Dish in Columbia to put together some meals that she had a Groupon for.  So much fun preparing the freezer meals as well as an impromptu trip to Starbucks for a drink and to Aldi for some supplies since there was an impending snowstorm approaching that night. 





Thursday brought a winter wonderland of snow.  We made snow cream, snowballs and snow angels as well as got to finally go sledding. It was a picture perfect day for my native Floridian children.  We did nature sketches in our nature journals of what the world looks like after a snowfall.   We couldn’t have been a more perfect day. 





Friday was another snow day for the Peterson children.  Yes, the public school was only open one full day this week.  We continued our snow play although Madison felt under the weather so she slept the morning away.  My conference was only for Saturday due to the weather .  This meant that I could stay back at the house to care for her.   She perked up by evening when we went to our dinner engagement with The Drakes.  They are good friends with the Petersons and we were blessed to meet them last year during our visit.  This year, we went to their mansion  house in the suburbs of Baltimore for a scrumptious meal along with a rousing night of board games.  Fun was had by everyone.






Bright and early Saturday morning, I was off for coffee with a sweet internet friend, Cheryl Pitt of the 2:1 Conference.  We met up before the Real Refreshment Retreat at the beautiful Westin hotel. It was so nice to spend the morning with her chatting over a warm cup of joe.  The kids stayed home with Julie and Leslie.  I’m sure they drove them crazy all day.  





Sunday , we all piled into the cars to go to Washington D.C. to do our Urban Adventures Quest.  Think scavenger hunt meets Amazing Race.  It was a beautiful spring day albeit a soggy one.  This has to be one of my favorite ways to tour a city now.  I encourage you to check them out.



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