Walking through the organic garden

Here’s Logan’s organic garden as of this morning.  I must confess that he had a watermelon patch growing in the middle that I accidentally pulled up when I was helping him weed before he left for camp.  I tried to pull one plant out that looked diseased and they all came up. Luckily, we already have a plethora of watermelons and there are some new watermelon plants growing in another spot.  All was not lost at that moment.  Although if I wasn’t such a good weed puller, he would seriously consider banning me from the garden. 

The black eye peas are very prolific to say the least.  We have already harvested a bunch with more every day.  Right now we are shelling them to go into the freezer.  I have a great recipe for black eye pea salad that I may try in the  near future.

Tomatoes, tomatoes,tomatoes.  Who wants some organic tomatoes?  We have given a pile to my mom and dad.  Eaten a pile ourselves .  Frozen a pile for later in the winter.  There’s a pile ripening in the windowsill.
I will not complain.  I love garden fresh tomatoes.  Love it!!!!!  I see salsa and homemade ketchup in our future. We did plant  a lot  of  tomatoes so it only stands to reason that we would get a bunch!

Here’s his one cucumber plant that sprouted.  Do you think we will get enough cukes to make pickles?  Man. I hope so.  Logan will be so angry that I get to harvest the first one this week while he’s at camp.  I have to go get a trellis for it though.

This is his okra.  We almost have enough okra harvested for tomato and okra smothered chicken. I can’t wait!

Since his garden is organic, he uses several natural means to get rid of pests and attract pollinators.  The butterfly garden is nearby to attract, what else?,  butterflies in addition to bees.  The marigolds attract ladybugs which in turn eat the pests in the garden.  We did have to use peppermint castille soap to get rid of the ants before they ate the tomatoes.  Logan sacrificed just one before he went out there to kill them.  Soon, we are going to make toad houses so the toads will stay in our garden.  They eat lots and lots of bugs!

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