Using Conferences To Learn How To Help Your Child

Using conferences to learn how to help your child with autism is a great money saving tool. Conferences are a great way to learn methods and tips to help your child with autism.  It’s been my experience that most experts that speak at these conferences are very approachable if you continue to have questions.  Attending these conferences can only help you on your journey.  The trick is to come prepared beforehand with the most pressing issues for your child. That way you can go to the best sessions for you as well as ask  great questions.

Conferences can be a money saving tool that saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in your autism action plan.


Two can’t miss conferences for autism both happen in September.  

Autism Education Summit


September 30 – October 2, 2016

Dallas, Texas


Early Bird: $59  BUT Save $10 with the code: Autismland10  Ends April 30, 2016


 Access To All Summit Lectures 

 Access To Saturday Night Hope for Recovery Party 

 Complimentary Coffee and Tea Throughout the Event

• Gift Bag with Products, Conference Program Guide and Vendor Coupons



National Autism Conference

September 8 – 11, 2016

New Orleans


February 10th thru April 30th – Early Bird Registration:  $150
May 1st thru July 31st – Full Conference Registration:  $200
August 1st thru August 31st – Last Chance Registration:  $250

Companion Pass (Available with one full registration only, limit 1) – $125
 CEUs will be offered for the 2016 National Autism Conference

Scholarships are available through July 15, 2016.  You fill out the application now then get an answer the end of July.Your conference registration entitles you to:

  • Our incredible and elegant Meet & Greet event on Thursday evening
  • All speaker presentations – Friday, Saturday and Sunday including our NEW parent roundtable!
  • FREE coffee station available each morning in our exhibit hall
  • FREE beverages available all day in our exhibit hall throughout the conference
  • FREE Sunday Morning Late Start Breakfast

Last year, NAA had individual appointments with MAPS doctors for free. It was a great opportunity to get a consult with an expert at no cost.  No word yet on whether they will have that this year or not. 

You’re probably thinking , how does this make autism affordable?  Well, for one thing, you learn all about new therapies and programs that you may not have had a clue about to start.  Most, if not all, of the speakers will have booths in the vendor halls where you can ask personal questions that pertain to child. It’s at these sessions that I get ideas for what may or may not work for Logan. We all know warrior moms do research better than the FBI.  These conferences help me glean information to implement at home as well as point me in the right direction for new sponsorship opportunities to pay for such therapies. There are always opportunities to network with other parents as well to give and get hope for the future.   These conferences are invaluable for learning how to keep autism costs at bay. 

General Conventions

Homeschool conferences are also crucial to helping your child with autism. All the homeschool conferences that I’ve been to have a special needs track. It’s these tracks that speak specifically to homeschooling a child who learns differently than most children. It is beyond difficult some days to teach a child who thinks in pictures. It can be edifying to hear that others face the same challenges that you do on a daily basis. 

The vendor hall at homeschool conventions is invaluable for the homeschooling parents. It’s here that you can look at the curriculum that interests you.  You can see into the books , flip the pages, talk to the authors and make some discoveries that will help your child. At conferences I have found games as well as programs that interested Logan as well as items to help him with his problem areas. I have looked at curriculum that I believed would be a good fit for Logan to discover that it was not a good fit. I’ve talked to people who’ve walked the homeschool road before me that gave me advice for our problem areas.  Just like the autism conferences, I leave fired up and confident that I indeed can do this.

Conferences are not a cure for all your needs.  They are a great place to get information to use in your action plans.  It saves you money by allowing you to be more informed about what may or may not work for your child. No one wants to throw money to the wind on therapies or curriculum that don’t pan out.  With proper planning, these conferences can save you thousands of dollars .  It is an integral part of my plan in affording autism.


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