Best Places To Visit In Each State With Your Child With Autism

The whole world seems to have been brought to its knee with the coronavirus and the following travel restrictions. Eventually, the world will begin to open up again. Travel destinations will enthusiastically open their arms to welcome visitors from across the globe. Here in Autismland, we can’t wait to travel across the US with our child with autism again.

So, don’t give up on those travel dreams just yet. If you are still undecided as to which places to visit when this pandemic is over, here are the best places in each state to consider in the US. We love to travel with our camper so Logan has some place familiar to return to each night. This works especially well on long trips.

Best Places To Travel In The US With Autism

Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona

If you want to experience one of the most awe-inspiring natural phenomenons that the world has to offer, then you need to visit the Grand Canyon National Park. Aside from the beauty of the natural chasm of rocks with steep ends, the Colorado River meanders its way through the canyon with grace and power. The canyon itself is an impressive 277 miles long, making it one of the most preferred destinations for whitewater rafting. Adults will love doing that but kids not so much.

The Visitor Center has a plethora of programs for children to partake in, not the least of which is the Junior Ranger Program. This program is good at all the National Parks. Kids can earn badges and other momentos. The best part is you do it at your own pace. Perfect for our kids with autism.

Is it free to visit the National Parks?

Well, most are free only some of the time. There are usually five days per year that all the National Parks are free to everyone. I would not suggest going on those days with your child with autism. Any park will be packed. Just don’t do it.

Walt Disney World – Florida

All kids love Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel, Anabelle, Donald Duck, Goofy, or any of the several colorful Disney World characters. Why not take your kids along with you to this incredible destination and allow them to relive some of their best bedtime stories in living color? Plus, there are loads of exciting activities to be enjoyed by adults too. To ensure that you take in everything that Disney World has to offer and even more, plan your trip with authorized Disney Travel Agents. When your travel comes to an end, you can extend the Disney experience at home with some fun and educational activities at Disney Parks.

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Don’t forget to stop and get your Disability Access Pass at Guest Services to make this trip a success. Planning is key when you travel with autism so use your travel planner as much as Be sure to factor in breaks for swimming and such. Above all, be willing to leave at any moment if your child is overloaded. Nothing trumps your child’s comfort and success.

Safety is crucial even in Walt Disney World. We use our Angelsense to give Logan some independence but also to keep him safe. Angelsense allows us to know where Logan is at all times so we can find him quickly before he gets hurt.

New York City – New York

Ever heard the phrase “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere”? New York is the hub for contemporary diversity. Known as the Big Apple city, New York boasts of so many ‘dream’ locations and places on the face of the earth. Whether you want to visit the famous Wall Street, catch a show on Broadway, be inspired at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, munch on some New Yorkish pizza, or learn the New York lingo, this destination offers all that and more. And if you don’t want to go dizzy with the sight of the skyscrapers, then you can rewind at the iconic Central Park – a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

There is so much to do in New York City that you are guaranteed to find something that your child likes. Always try to do sandwich something your child wants to do with something he may not be quite interested in doing. Safety is key in big cities like this so take precautions as needed.

Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming

National Parks are so awesome and Yellowstone National Park is no different. This is America’s first national park, and it comes with so many attractions that nature has to offer. There are bubbling hot springs, steaming geysers, and incredible hiking trails that stretch well over 900 miles. And if you are a lover of animals, then you can pay a visit to the Grizzly And Wolf Discovery Center. Here you can learn everything you need to know about wildlife. But if you prefer to see the grizzly bears and wolves, then a drive through the Hayden and Lamar valleys should give your eyes a treat. Don’t forget the Junior Ranger program.

How do I get a disability pass for the National Parks?

The America the Beautiful Pass is a lifetime pass into any of the 61 National Parks. If you get it online, you will pay $10. If you get it at any National Park then it is free. You just need ID and a document proving disability (doctor’s note, Social Security paperwork, etc.) The pass is good for the whole family.

Traveling with your child with autism, when planned well, can be a rewarding experience. Both you and him can learn so much and make so many wonderful memories. It’s those shared memories that will enrich your relationship as well as build trust. When you have a child who trusts you, they will be a willing participant in anything you asks. That is worth its weight in gold in Autismland.