Therapy Subjects Count For Credit In High School

Therapy subjects count for credit in high school.  What is a therapy subject?  Any subject your child with autism does that helps to remediate his autism .  Occupational therapy, fine motor, physical therapy, social skills training, RDI,  all have counted as a credit or half credit somewhere in Logan’s high school career

Therapy subjects can certainly count as high school credit.

In my opinion if I can count dance as PE for my typical child then why can’t I count therapy for my child with autism. They are an integral part of his daily routine .  He works hard to achieve his goals.  Of course I am going to give him credit.  The disclaimer here is that Logan doesn’t need a transcript to graduate in the state of Florida.  We are able to grant a diploma from our homeschool.  If your child isn’t going to college then none of this is necessary.  If your child is moving on to a college that requires a transcript then pay attention.  I use our transcript as the goals necessary for him to achieve to graduate from our homeschool. Until he successfully completes them, he is a homeschooled student. 

I look at how many hours he puts into the therapy.  If he is only doing it once a week or only for a semester then it’s a half credit.  This pertains to things like social skills training or fine motor for Logan.  If it’s an everyday subject that lasts all year then it’s a complete credit.  This would be occupational therapy, physical therapy or RDI in our home school.  He does those everyday with or without a therapist.  

How to know which credit to give is always the question I get.  Well, I look at what the therapy is working on the most then go from there.  Physical therapy like hippo therapy obviously counts as PE.  If we are working on fine motor by painting then it becomes art.  RDI counts as critical thinking skills. Independent life skills can count as Home Ec.  You get the general idea .  Look at what subjects need credits to fill then find a way to incorporate your therapy into them. 

In the end, I want Logan to feel successful.  I don’t think he needs to feel this way in everything.  I do think if he puts in the work and effort that he should be rewarded for it.  Autism is tough enough already.  In the grand scheme of thing it will set him up for future success.  He is not attending Harvard here.  But he has worked as hard as any other high schooler I know.  That is what’s important in the end. 

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