The Mom Stocking

I know quite a few single moms that probably don’t get much at Christmas. Heck, I am not a single mom and I know the feeling when there  is nothing left after the kids and gifts for others have been bought.  Now I am not saying that Christmas is all about the presents.  I am not saying that it’s a bad Christmas if you don’t get any presents. Christmas isn’t about the presents.  It’s about celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  One way that I plan on doing it is to surprise some single moms that I know with stockings full of super cool stuff.
One night when I was laying in bed all alone with nothing on tv to watch, I found this great post over at Overcoming Busy.  It happens often, the laying in bed all alone , since Michael works nights.  The nothing on tv happens way too often as well especially since we have like a bazillion channels on cable. Anyway, I thought this was such a great idea that I adopted for my next Christmas project. 
Looking for a way to bless a single, divorced or widowed mom this Christmas? Make her a stocking of her very own.


Since I saw this before Christmas last year , I was able to snag some nice stockings at 75% off after Christmas.   I also got these tart warmer cubes and Christmas towels at the same sale. That filled up half the stocking for less than $5.  Throughout the year, I was able to snag some freebies that I threw in there or picked up stuff that the person would want at the after holiday sales.  Some things were gifts to me that I didn’t really want so I  regifted to the stocking.  While couponing , I kept in mind the stockings.  They were full in no time.

I managed to keep the stockings under $10. This feat was only accomplished with pre planning.  This is a great idea that can easily get out of hand cost wise .  I suggest you make a budget for the stocking and stick with it. Then sit back and enjoy the smiles.  I know I will especially since there is lots of chocolate involved.  Who can resist smiling when there is chocolate?  Maybe they’ll even share a piece with me!

This is just one way that I am celebrating the birth of Jesus for the 25 days before Christmas. How did you celebrate today?