The awards are in!

Awana finally finished for the year in May.  I love Awana but by  May, I am so ready for a break.  It’s a great program though.  I highly recommend it for every child, even one with autism. Accommodations can easily be made to make this program highly successful for special needs children.

Logan graduated from TNT which stands for Truth in Training. This is the last level that our church does in Awana so he is officially done.  He received the Timothy Award for finishing all 4 books in this level.  That’s a lot of verses to memorize.  He was really proud of the trophy and is only the 2nd child in our church’s program history to have completed all 4 books.  The other person was none other than Emma , of course.

Madison graduated from the Sparks level.  This year, she finished the final book in the series and an additional workbook.  She got a beautiful plaque and a pin for her vest.  She is excited to start TNT in the fall. She really loves going to Awana.

I taught Cubbies this past year which would be the 3 and 4 year olds.  It was a fun experience for me.  I enjoyed being with the little ones .  Although I enjoyed it, I will not be their teacher next year.  First, it was too much for me in addition to my other responsibilities.  Second, Logan doesn’t have a class next year in Awana.  I think that after we drop Madison off at Awana , we will go to the evening service together. He really wants to help out in Awana like the other youth do but I need a break.  I am not ready to commit to it.  It is a commitment for me as well as him because I have to make it successful for him.  This is as much work for me as it is for him. Frankly, I need a break.  There is no other way to put it.  So, he will take a break for at least a year.  Next year I may let him volunteer in a class other than Madison’s.  Ask me about it then.