Task #64 Make 1 yr and 5 yr Home School Plans

This is a rough draft of our school plans for next year. I still want to make some measurable goals for both children to achieve expecially Logan. But it always helps to have a plan. Since I am not known for being well organized, this is definetly progress.

I should mention that our school year goes from January to November. The only official break that we take is from Thanksgiving to after Christmas. This allows us to take a much more relaxed schedule. It works extremely well for us. We also don’t group them by grade level. Each child works in their zpd (zone of proximal development). When we need to group them by grade like for church events, we group them with their friends. So, Madison is hanging out with 1st & 2nd graders because all her friends are 1st & 2nd graders. Logan is in the 3rd & 4th grade class because of his best friend, Thomas. ( I am awed everytime that I say that but I digress).

Plans for the 2009 school year

Bible- Finish reading and studying the Old Testament
History- Finish Story of the World Vol. 1 ( this will put us at the height of the Roman Empire which will be perfect as we begin studying the New Testament in 2010)
Foreign Language- Spanish ( we use Rosetta Stone)
Copywork- Finish the 10 Commandments & Madison will progress to cursive & Logan will perfect his cursive
Memorization- 10 Commandments, books of the Bible, Psalm 23, & our Awana verses
Composer- Franz Liszt, Gustaf Mahler & Anton Bruckner, Johann Sebastian Bach
Art- Caspar David Friedrich,Van Gogh, Salvador Dali ( we luck out as we live near the Dali musuem in St. Pete)
Math- we use Singapore Math & each child works at their own pace
Science- Finish astronomy & do the human body (MOSI will have the BODY exhibit this year)
Handicrafts- we will be working on Christmas presents all year for our handmade Christmas & the children will learn how to sew
Computer- Madison will learn basic skills and Logan will continue to learn more advanced skills. Both will work on their typing skills.

Character Traits that we will work on:
Attention & focus to task
seeing a task through to completion
serving others
Jesus first!!!

Books we will read together: (each child has to orally narrate but this year we will progress to picture narration and written narration)
Tales From Shakespeare
Pilgrim’s Progress Pt. 1 & 2
Tanglewood Tales
A Wonder Book
The Heroes

Madison: (she will also begin the AR program at our library)
Curious George series (she is halfway through)
Learn 2 read Bible
Velveteen Rabbit
Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales
Charlotte’s Web (I will read to her)
Pinocchio (same)
Peter Pan ( same)
Pocahontas (same)
Understood Betsy (maybe)

Logan: ( he will read most himself but I will pick one or two for him to read aloud to me)
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (he is halfway done as his read a loud)
Wind in the Willows
Robin Hood
Abraham Lincoln
Mary Poppins
Mr Poppers Penguins
Otto of the Silver Hand
Little House on the Prairie Series
Adventures of Dr. Doolittle
Jungle Book
Children of the New Forest
Alice in Wonderland
Through the Looking Glass
James & the Giant Peach