Talledega Adventures

Many of you remember my post about going crazy! If you don’t then you’re missing out. The jist of it was that no amount of therapy or supplements or whatever was going to help Logan if his mom was in the looney bin or his parents got divorced. Don’t get me wrong here! I have nothing against parents in looney bins or divorced ones either. I just didn’t want to join their ranks.

So, with that in mind, I bought tickets for my parents and my handsome husband to attend the Halloween Talledega Nascar race. God bless my husband here. He doesn’t like sports at all. He could care less about who’s racing or winning or playing for that matter. But he went along with us and was a good sport about it. Hmmmmm, maybe he doesn’t want a wife in the looney bin anymore than Logan wants his mom to be there.
We left early Saturday morning after Michael got off work. Actually, I picked Michael up at the warehouse then headed straight for my parent’s house to get them. We arrived at Aunt Diane’s house in the early afternoon hours. One thing that I hadn’t counted on or even realized for that matter was the time change. So, we told her we would be there at 3 PM and we were. Just 3 PM our time (that’s 2 PM her time). Lucky for us, she was home. She made us a wonderful dinner and an awesome breakfast the next morning. I wanted to stay there just to keep eating! All in all, she was an extremely gracious hostess. We had a phenomenal visit.
Sunday, we went to the race. We arrived early so as to get a handicap parking spot for Nana. We walked around the haulers and did all the activities that they had out for the fans. We watched Jeff Gordon being interviewed for the pre race show. Then we found our seats and watched all the pre race festivities! It was fun!
Once the race started, we quickly realized that we needed our seats to be higher up to see the cars racing next to the wall, It was still loads of fun since we were right by the entrance to pit road and could see all the cars that way. Alas, Jeff Gordon ran out of gas on the last lap so he didn’t win. I guess I can’t have everything!
After the race, we headed to a good friend’s house and stayed the night with her family. It was nice to see her and visit for hours . Jamberry was nice enough to make us breakfast as well before we left the next day. I could have stayed many more days there but my children were ready for me to come home.
We arrived home late Monday evening to find our little Princess sitting on the porch waiting for us. She was so ready to see her mommy and daddy. Both children did really well over the weekend. Madison had a tougher time than Logan but she has never been away from me for more than a day or two. I was shocked to realize that she had never been away from both parents at the same time! I have to do a better job of taking breaks without the children. She survived though and is a stronger child for having done it!