Surprise, Surprise

Today started out with a bang!  George the cat tried to eat Amy the fish.  Meltdowns were imminent .  Day 4 of the birthday week was about to be a disaster!  Mom to the rescue!  I had planned to take him out to lunch sometime this week so today was the day.  We went to one of his favorite restaurant’s that is also allergy friendly, BD’s Mongolian Grill.

In a brief moment of weakness, I allowed them to share a hot fudge sundae .  They look happy together don’t they?

Then we decided to see a  movie.  I wanted to see Harry Potter but the birthday boy wanted to see Megamind. Yes, I let him choose.  Big mistake because Megamind was really dumb!

Then we came home to put the final touches on the Christmas tree.  We are officially decorated!  Yay us!