Success finds us!!!

You ready for it? You must know what I am talking about! In yesterday’s post, I told you about our last minute substitution of Harry Potter for read a loud time. Today was the first day that we put that into motion. There is a lot to be said for being flexible.

Logan did a great job. Yeah, he still reads too fast and mumbles a bit. BUT, he tried harder today to read slower. He genuinely enjoyed himself. We decided together that we would start with the first one and read our way through the series. (That was before I noticed that we didn’t have Book 2 Chamber of Secrets for some reason). He was excited to start and often referenced me to during the reading to see if I was enjoying it as much as him. The experience made such a positive memory that he came back later and we did another day’s worth. Two readings in one day!!! Woot! Woot!

All this can be attributed to working in his zone of development and being flexible. I need to bring him to the edge and push him just past that point. Part of that is also being willing to admit that what you are doing isn’t working and finding a way to fix it! I had to admit that he was bored with House at Pooh Corner and find something else. He agreed to finish reading it this week during free reading if we changed since it is an important piece of literature. The point here is that he knows that I am willing to listen to him and change if needed. He feels confident in his abilities and in my ability to teach him. That is priceless!!!!!