Still tweaking the schedule!

Our homeschool schedule is still being tweaked here. I have one child who is doing great at getting the independent work done and another who needs to be walked through it hand in hand . On top of all that, we are not getting our together work done at all.
Much to my children’s chagrin, I made some changes to the rules this week. I added the stipulation that at least half of the together work has to be completed in order for the tv to come on for the night. This is really more for my benefit than theirs. If they can’t have tv then that will encourage them to encourage me to get to the together work. I will also feel more pressure to get it half done before 6 when the tv can make an appearance. If it’s half done already, then that will motivate me to finish it . Sounds good when you say it like that!
As for the independent work, I unknowingly am making an effort to encourage this particular child to get their work done before 3 PM. This then gives said child time to go with me to pick up JoJo and play with him before he goes home. This then gives said child a much needed break and he/she is a more willing participant in together work. Win- win for everyone.
I also replenished the treasure chest. Nothing like a good incentive to get the work done quickly. 😛