Step 1 – Remove

Step 1 of Dr. Buckley’s protocol is to remove the offending foods. There are several autism diets out there, GFCF, SCD, low oxalate and more. The best diet is the one that works for your child. GFCF is a good starting point.

GFCF is a gluten and casein free diet. You remove all wheat just as if the child had celiac disease. You remove all dairy in it’s many forms as well. There are medical tests that you can run to test for allergies but these are often not accurate. ASD children treat these foods as a drug in their system. It’s like morphine in their system due to leaky gut. Their guts are in such a mess that the food literally leaks out into their bodies .

You may see withdrawal similar to that of an addict looking for his next fix. For Logan , this was brutal. 7 years ago when he started this diet, all he would eat is Kraft mac n cheese. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I swear I should have bought stock in that company. I would be rich now. Once we removed the offending foods, his diet completely opened up. He will even loves broccoli now.

We did not see any major wow moments with the diet. We saw the changes when he accidentally got gluten or casein. Then his behaviors came back in force. Logan had severe constipation that made him toe walk all the time. Yeast was through the roof. His immune system was non existent. We literally had to try something to bring him relief.

Remember that a medically prescribed diet is a tax write off!!!

There are several websites where you can find more info.

Of course, you have to do more research and learn more on your own. I am not a doctor nor do I play one on this blog. Dr. Buckley has not seen your child so this is generic advice. Always contact your own physician for questions. Just be forewarned that you may be better educated about these things than your doctor.