Starting A Family Organic Gmo Free Garden


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Have you priced organic fruits and veggies in the store lately?  It’s enough to put your grocery budget into overdrive.  Add in the hassle of trying to find gmo free too and it’s enough to make you break open the wine while you are shopping.  Make God strike me down if I ‘m not speaking the truth.   Taking your family on a healthy path is not easy in any sense but so worth it in the end.

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We started our organic, gmo-free adventure with chickens.  We have 6 Rhode Island Reds who diligently lay 5-6 eggs per day. We have a plethora of eggs that we share with family and friends.   Finding gmo free chicken feed ended up being a major quest in itself.  We finally have accomplished that and are ready to move on to gardening.

Photo Apr 01, 1 33 17 PM

Now this isn’t our first garden.  We’ve had several and all have been organic.  Not all have been gmo free.  This is our first season adding that little caveat to our list.  This means that we have to buy all our seeds .  Seeds of Change is a great organic gmo free seed that we can get right at Lowes.  You can also order them online if there isn’t a Lowes nearby.  After harvesting ,we will save the seeds from several plants for next season thus eliminating the need to buy seeds next year.

Here’s the plan

  • Garden gets tilled, shampooed and a fresh layer of leaves and compost put on top.
  • Compost gets watered in for a few days then tilled in again
  • A plan is drawn up for each plant or seed’s ultimate spot and planting order.
  • Planting begins


I’ll be updating on Facebook and Instagram pretty regularly on our progress as well as here periodically.  If you want to see more frequent updates then follow me on the other places.  Heck, follow me anyway and make a girl feel good.