Serve the Lord Sunday

My number one goal in raising my children was to make them Spirit filled servants of Christ. Serve the Lord Sunday came about when I wanted to teach the children how to live out their faith by being the hands and feet of Jesus. It was during a time when church quit working for us due to autism but I didn’t want to just spend Sundays not giving thanks to God for all He’s done for my family. It was important for me to show my children that church was just a building. This abstract concept is really hard for people with autism to relate.

The preparations for Serve the Lord Sunday are actually done on Saturday evening and put into action on Sunday. This makes it more likely that it will get done and helps me to spend less time on the computer on Sunday. I believe that I spend way too much time on the computer during the week. I mean my job is completely online. I’m thankful for a job that allows me to work from home.

On the Sabbath day, I put away all electronics. I put them away and not turn them on at all. This is really hard for me as I love to try to get ahead for the week. Unfortunately, I will spend all day on it without a second thought. It’s a small sacrifice but one that I do out of love for God and my family. On Sundays, I spend time in worship with Him then spend time with my family. Taking care of the details on Saturday also sets us up for success in getting our action actually completed.

God doesn’t need a huge sacrifice from you. What He really wants is for you to serve Him with all your heart,mind, and soul. He wants you to spend time with Him in fellowship and to serve others. Seriously, it’s that easy. Serving others need not be fancy or elaborate. Sometimes your ministry field is your family right in front of you.

Things To Do On Serve The Lord Sunday

  • Write encouraging notes to mail to friends and family
  • Anonymously send a gift card to someone in need
  • Invite family over for Sunday dinner
  • Pick up trash alongside the roadways
  • Play a game with the children
  • Help your child clean their room with no judgment

When you give sacrificially, He always draws you closer to Him. He wants you to put Him first in everything. That’s what I am doing on Sundays when I stay off the computer all day. It’s what I’m doing when I listen to the Holy Spirit tell me to help that person or to not watch that program. It’s what I’m doing when I give my cares and concerns to Him and believe with all my heart that He will use me for His Glory. It’s what I’m doing when I start my day with devotional time with Him and I end my day with Him. My kids are watching me the whole time. When we step out to serve as a family, we build memories and strengthen our faith at the same time. What more could a mom ask for?

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