Rogers Academy Week 6: Baseball , Dance , and Disney

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What a week!  Whew! Someday, I’m gonna look back at this and say how did I do all that?  Can I do it again?

The week started with Madison going to her first official ballet audition.  She wants to be a professional dancer when she grows up.  Well, it’s on her short list of careers she’s considering along with artist and actress. Can you tell she’s my creative kid?  Just like I want to support Logan in his pursuits, I want to encourage Madison in hers . As I shared on Facebook, she was cut after the third round.  We talked about how she made it the entire choreographed session then three rounds.  That was pretty amazing I thought.  She was upset but agreed the experience was worth it.  On Wednesday she was ecstatic to discover that she indeed got a part in The Nutcracker Ballet by The Florida Dance Theater.  They were impressed with her commitment to give 110% even when she didn’t know the step they were asking and her tenacity to keep trying.  This mama is very proud of her!

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Then we went as a family to see the Rays vs Yankees at Tropicana Field.  We have already toured the field with our homeschool group so the children were familiar with it.  Now, I am a baseball fan.  The children not so much.  I am a die hard Red Sox fan but Logan (who is the only one who likes to watch baseball with me) is a Yankees fan.  Yes, God indeed has a sense of humor.  We also wanted to go see Derek Jeter play before he retired.  Come to find out when we get there, he was not on the roster that night.  Figures , right?  We took my Dad too because he loves baseball.



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The Fire EXPO came to the Lakeland Center.  We never miss a reptile expo when it comes to Lakeland or the fairgrounds in Tampa.  We usually have to get frozen mice for Logan’s snakes but this time he didn’t need any. It was just a fun , let’s see what they have trip.  We sat through a Burmese python lecture then Logan held it.  It was HUGE!  It actually weighed more than Madison so she couldn’t hold it at all.  We had a fun time holding creatures, watching others and asking lots of questions.  I certainly counted it as nature for the week. We even saw tailless whip scorpions.  The bug Moody uses in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


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Logan is really liking our new schedule.  The littles not so much.  We are on week 2 of the three week rotation.  Once again, it’s looking like Logan will get break but no one else will.  Sigh, it’s a character flaw.  I get that.  How to fix it?  I haven’t figured that out yet.  How do you get your children to learn to work independently?  I’m open to suggestions.




Our week ended with a new Disney Vera Bradley release. This means work came before lessons.  I love that the kids get as excited as me when their is a new Disney event.  Being a personal shopper is definitely a fun job.  Since it also pays for our annual passes, we had to hop over to Epcot for fun too.  I like to reward the children with fun time in the park after work is done.  We went into Epcot to ride Maelstrom before it closes on Oct. 5th .  This is Logan’s favorite ride besides Spaceship Earth. I have begun to prepare him for the inevitable closing so he’s not devastated to find it gone.  Fridays are field trips days anyway so we made a day of it except when we raced back to get Madison to dance class.

No school the first three days of next week. I have been invited to a media event at Disney for the Youth in Education programs. It is a phenomenal opportunity to see what Disney offers as well as offer suggestions to make it work for children with autism.  Not to mention what an amazing opportunity to make connections for my little ol’  blog.  I’m giddy with excitement.  I’ll be tweeting , Facebooking, and Instagramming next Monday evening through Wednesday live from Walt Disney World.  Make sure to follow me to see all the excitement.


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