Resolutions for the 2013 Homeschool Year

Today we start our new homeschool year.   Our year runs from January to November.  We do 13 weeks on then 2 weeks off except from Thanksgiving to the 1st Monday in January.  5 weeks of fun.  Gets us relaxed and recharged for the new year.

This year, I am making a few changes. Really, more of a commitment to do things differently.  Here they are in no special order.

Do more craft and art activities.  Madison is artsy fartsy. She loves to draw and make things.  I don’t incorporate that nearly enough into our school day.  I’m making it a priority to do at least one artistic thing per week with her.

Put more emphasis on getting lessons done promptly.   I have been more than lackadaisical in this area.  I am not doing my children any favors by not teaching them to diligently finish their work.  This will not serve them well when they get a job.  We have a great system in place.  It’s just easier to send them off when I need to do my chores .  Then I simply forget we still have lessons to do.  This year, I am doing the lessons then my chores.  If I have to stay up late to get the chores done then so be it. 

Take 1 field trip per week.  Lots and lots of learning takes place outside the confines of books.  We are going to get out of the house every week and find something new to do.  Stay tuned for those adventures.  This is my favorite resolution!

Incorporate a family read a loud.   We have done this in bursts in prior years.  It is a great break in the day to relax with a book.  It also gives us the added benefit of giving  us something to experience share .  Fun memories will result.

Do more experiments and hands on stuff.  My kids are  just like me.  They learn better by doing.  So why isn’t that the cornerstone of our homeschool?

That’s it.  Nothing spectacular.  Just a few things to make the Rogers Academy a better place.  Some place to learn lots and make special memories.  Learning and fun, who knew?