Finding Florida: Reptile World Serpentarium

It is no secret that Logan wants to be a herpetologist .  He likes working with reptiles and slithery things (insert massive shudder here). Things that give me the heebee jeebies . Blech!  Imagine my wince of dismay when someone on my homeschool co op group posted about a serpentarium not terribly far from us.  I winced because I knew Logan would think it was awesome.  So, after a giant swig of my sweet tea, I rustled up the nerve to call to arrange a field trip. This would be a perfect addition to our Finding Florida studies.


Reptile World Serpentarium

Reptile World Serpentarium is located on Hwy 192 just past St. Cloud .  It is about 45 mins away from all the Disney attractions.  If you have a snake lover in the family then it’s worth the drive .  There are about 25 or so snakes in their enclosures for you to look at.  There are literally hundreds of snakes on the property since they breed their own snakes for the venom extraction. All of the enclosures were well maintained with very thick glass. Seriously, this was important to me.  There are venomous snakes, water snakes, tree snakes, pretty much every snake imaginable.   Each snake has an information card telling you what it is, where it lives and other interesting facts about it. We were unfortunate   lucky enough to be there at feeding time.  The children enjoyed watching the snakes eat the large mice/rats.  Thankfully, they did not feed the much larger snakes that I’m sure eat rabbits and such.  You would have had to revive me for sure.


The turtle enclosure is what you notice as you walk through the entrance/gift shop.  There are many different varieties including an alligator snapping turtle as well as soft shells.  The alligator snapping turtle at Sunken Gardens would think this place was heaven.  The pond area was large plus there was a nice area for them to walk around it with shelters from predatory birds.  A fascinating fact is that the older turtles will eat the babies if they make it to the pond so they have to take them out until they are big enough .  There are signs on the wall identifying each species of turtle in the enclosure.  JoJo and Madison enjoyed this area especially when they found quarters to buy turtle food to feed them. 

Alligators , iguanas, and a few birds round out the walk around area .  You can easily do the snakes , turtles and other areas within an hour.  Maybe hour and a half if you read every snake card.  Logan was certainly done within that time frame .  I might want to put in the disclaimer as well that this is a family run place.  You aren’t going to get Disney quality here.  They are out there working on enclosures , feeding the animals, cleaning cages and what not all the time. It was never intrusive or blocked us from anything but it did remind me that this is a working snake farm.  While all of this is fun, that ‘s not the main reason you should check this place out.  The venom show is not to be missed.  Clearly , this is the without a doubt reason people flock to this place.

Noon and 3 PM bring the beginning of the venom shows.  It starts with George, the owner, talking about the snakes, the venom extraction and various other topics.  He’s happy to share his knowledge with the group as well as his stories. It’s a fun 20 – 30 minute talk.  After that, you step up to the glass enclosure to watch the actual milking of the snakes.  You already understand what he’s doing from the talk prior. Words can not describe this show.  The precision of George and his assistant, Rosa is unparalleled.    They have doing this “dance” for 18 years together.  It was breath taking .  This show made the drive and the fee to enter more than worth it.  You could hear the rattles on the Diamondback as they grabbed the behemoth.  The cobras were over the top amazing.  You will never safely be this close to venomous snakes anywhere else.

Reptile World Serpentarium

5705 East Irlo Bronson Mem. Hwy.,

St. Cloud, Florida 34771



Adult admission (ages 18 and up) is only $8.75,

students (ages 6-17) are $6.75

children (ages 3-5) are just $5.75

taxes are included in the modest admission fee.