Mock Election Printable Pack



Mock Election Printable Pack for elementary students

Mock Election Printable Pack for elementary students

Teaching civics to elementary students can be a challenge. They can accompany you to the polls (and that’s awesome!), but trying to explain the process of an election can be tough.

Why do you have to register to vote?

How do you choose the best candidate?

What is a ballot?

What is a campaign poster?

All these questions and more are the perfect springboard to begin an exploration of the civics of elections.

We’ve made it simple and fun to help your children understand the basic voting process with our mock election PDF printable pack.

If you have older students who are ready to learn more in-depth about our Constitutional Republic – like why we are a republic, the reasons behind having the Electoral College, and the foundational documents of the United States of America – we enjoy Apologia’s Constitutional Literacy course.

If you want to delve more into Biblical Leadership with your elementary students, there’s a study available from our friends at Everyday Graces here.

In this Mock Election Printable Pack you are electing the best pet.

This pack includes:

  • Voter Registration Cards
  • Vote For Me campaign posters
  • Candidate sheet
  • Election Ballott
  • I Voted! badges


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