ABC Phonics Puzzles

Use these visual puzzles to help your child remember the sounds the letters make. Set your visual learner up for success in the arduous task or learning to read with these fun picture puzzles. Get all 26 letters of the alphabet with a corresponding picture. Print on cardstock and laminate for unlimited learning while having fun.


Graphics by Blue Bees Workshop



 ABC Phonics Puzzles are another way you can work on letter recognition or speech therapy goals at home.

Print the puzzles on card stock, cut apart then laminate for hours of letter recognition fun.

Got a pre reader who needs the visual of what each sound should make? Print but don’t cut them out before laminating. Punch a hole in the top to attach to a carabiner.  Now you can go through them anytime you get a moment.

Best part is that you can print several sets to serve different purposes or if one gets destroyed.

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