Our prayer door

I have been taking the Beth Moore study, Breaking Free. In addition to completely kicking my butt, it has left me with many things to ponder about not only my walk with God but what I am teaching my children. In one of the first lessons, she reminds us that a prayerless life is a powerless life. While it is great to learn and read God’s Word, we also need to commune with him on a regular basis. The enemy loves nothing more than to keep us from talking to God.

I really felt convicted after that episode that I was failing my children in this area. We have the reading and studying the Word down pat but not the prayer part. I felt like I was preparing my children for a prayerless life which translates into a powerless life. That is not what I want for my children. Now, I require them to memorize Scripture as part of their lessons. We have Scripture taped to doors in our house. When they complete their Awana lessons in May, they would have memorized over 200 verses. Yes, I said 200! Prayer not so much.

We say grace before we eat. They see me pray during my morning quiet time. We pray when an ambulance or the police drive by for the person needing help and the workers. But we don’t pray regularly. I have not taught my children to talk to God constantly. That He wants to hear from us and to commune with us regularly. He’s interested in our everyday lives and wants to share it with us. This is something that I need to rectify not only in teaching my children but in my own walk as well. He is the God of the big things and the little things. He is the God of all things.

Enter the prayer door. We choose the back of the front door because that is where Michael hangs his freezer suit when he comes in from work. This will remind us to pray for him when he is home and when he is at work. The way it works is pretty simple. Names of people or places are on the door. Every time you walk out the door, you touch a name and say a prayer for that person or place. If you know a specific request then you name it. Sometimes you don’t know what the person or place needs at that moment. That’s ok, God knows. All you have to do is to stand in prayer for the person.

Right now, it’s just names. I want to put photos up to go with the names. We need a new front door so I am waiting on that. After we get the new door and put it up, I’m gonna buy magnetic paint for the back. Then we can make photo magnets to put up and not need tape. The children are doing well to touch a name and say a quick prayer. Logan needed reminding not to touch the same name every time ( his best friend , Thomas). It is really bringing prayer to the forefront our day and making us more aware of talking to God. I call that a success any day!