On to Kartzinel!

For this session, Michael and I split up. He went to a session on mast cells which was way over my head. I am anxiously awaiting his guest posts on both mast cells and excitotoxicity. (hint, hint).

You could tell that Kartzinel was most well known of the presenter DAN Drs. His room was packed to the edges. You may know that Kartzinel is Jenny McCarthy’s DAN Dr. Well, her son’s doctor anyway. They wrote a book together, Healing and Preventing Autism. It is a great guide although I have just perused it. I don’t actually own it but it’s on my list. He was a great speaker, very down to earth and approachable. He didn’t talk down to us parents but more in layman’s terms than fancy medical talk. I could see why he is so highly regarded among autism parents.

I am going to write my notes exactly as I did at the conference. Even not being able to hear him speak, you can still glean a ton of info from the notes that are pretty self explanatory. He probably expounds more on these points in his book would be my guess.

What is autism?

Autism is the mismanagement of incoming stimuli from both the internal and external environment.

Simply put, children with autism don’t feel what we feel and don’t know how to process it.

Autism is treatable and recoverable but not curable. Even if your child is recovered from the symptoms of autism, he still has autism. He still thinks and feels differently but now he is able to process the sensory load better,

Low muscle tone is a symptom of something neurological.

If you don’t fix the underlying physical cause then no amount of therapy will work.

This really stood out to me in relation to Logan. We had to fix the yeast and gut issues in order to be able to work on the sensory and the physical issues. Physical therapy has been so tremendous for him because we fixed those issues and because we continue to work on inflammation. Your body can’t work on muscle tone when your brain feels like it’s on fire.

His plan of action for his patients:

  1. Diet
  2. Bolster nutrition
  3. Relieve inflammation
  4. Fix broken biochemistry
  5. Bolster immune function

Tomorrow, I will post his poop talk. It was fun! lol Then I will get to his biofilm protocol which was interesting to be sure.