Nature Study- Florida style

After a year of beating my head against the wall regarding nature study, I think I have figured out what works for us.  Harmony Art Mom has these great outdoor hour challenges that she posts on her blog,  Handbook of Nature Study.  She does such a bang up job laying it all out for you.  The premise is simple .  Spend an hour outside studying something in nature.

The problem that I have run into with her blog is that she is located up north. You know where they have snow and such.  That makes most of the winter studies irrelevant for my family living in Central Florida.  We can’t go out and observe snow.  Our trees don’t change much although a tree study is still a wonderful idea.

It occurred to me as I was planning our studies of  Florida history for this year that maybe we should study some native Florida plants in nature.  We got a fabulous coloring book about Florida scrublands last time we went to the Nature Fest at Bok Tower.  Manatees are congregating in Blue Springs where the water is cooler. The light bulb went off above my head.  Why not study these things in addition to our history studies.  What a great way to tie it all together. 

It’s important for children to spend time outside learning about nature.  We have nature notebooks that we draw things into and add leaves and such.  Madison does a much more detailed drawing than Logan but that’s ok. I make it well known that there is no wrong answer here.  We learn all about interesting things while getting fresh air.  Then we come home to do more research on what we learned.  My children are learning observation skills, research skills and having fun.  Does it get any better than that?