National Autism Conference Day 3 Overview

Ahh, the last day of the conference.  Just as you get your brain is started to get overloaded.  You always leave these conferences overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.  Hopefully, you leave encouraged and reenergized to tackle the autism world again.  Once again I want to reiterate that you and your spouse should attend together.  This gives you time to talk about what you’ve learned as well as come up with a few steps that you want to implement sooner rather than later.  


Featured Speaker: Dr. Anju Usman


I have heard Dr. Usman speak on more than one occasion.  She is well known in the autism community as she has been helping our children for over a decade.  She is very knowledgeable about biomedical interventions as well as in tough nuts or children who don’t respond to standard interventions.  I believe that she has a child on the spectrum as well as one who died from an anaphylactic reaction .  She is extremely approachable and is willing to answer lots of questions.  Talking to her would be worth the cost of the conference in itself.   I have loads of notes to share for her talk. 



Breakout Session 1:  Julie Matthews from Nourishing Hope

I big puffy heart Julie Matthews.  She is hands down the expert in nutrition for not only children with autism but everyone.  She gives the best seminars on making positive changes for the most optimal health for your family.  If you only saw her and Usman for the entire conference then it was a beneficial trip. 


Featured Speaker: Chantal Sicile – Kara


This was of interest to me as I have a child approaching adulthood.  Now, she has a child with moderate autism.  I was amazed at her courage and relentless determination to let him live independently.  She has not let his autism keep him from living a full life.  She was full of ideas on how to fund independent living as well as encourage it. 


Breakout Session 2:  Dr. David Berger


Dr. Berger is a pediatrician located in Tampa , Fl.  He did a session on gastrointestinal issues in children with autism.  Think poop issues .  Lots of poop pictures.  He did impart some new studies that I wasn’t aware of along with some new ideas.  If you’ve heard one poop talk then you’ve heard them all.