Mosaic Review #5: Spanish for You


Do you teach a foreign language to your elementary students?  Research shows that children learn foreign languages far easier than adults.  Plus, in this current economy, it would certainly give your child an employment advantage to be bilingual.  I really didn’t make this a priority until I started doing Logan’s high school plan.  Then the heavens opened leading me to become a reviewer of this phenomenal program as part of the Mosaic Review program.   I was selected to review the Estaciones package.

The Spanish for You! Estaciones package (and other themed levels) includes:

  • Softcover text (e-Book available)
  • 24-30 Week Lesson Guides (Grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8)
  • Audio MP3 Files for Lessons (English and Native Speaker Options)
  • Flashcards/Activity PDF
  • Lesson Worksheets

I big puffy heart this curriculum!  I love it just doesn’t seem to be enough!  Let me tell you why it’s amazing.

  •  The lesson plans are all done for you in four day format.  BUT we alternate foreign language days with Latin so we only have two days available for Spanish.  No problem.  I was able to extend one week into two weeks without a problem.
  • The worksheets are fun and visual
  • It’s great to have the audios to hear correct pronunciation.  I am not a Spanish speaker nor do I play one on tv.  I’m pretty positive that country bumpkin trying to speak Spanish while hilarious is not correct. This will not make my children bilingual.  The butt of office jokes maybe but not bilingual. These audio files make the office joke scenario unrealistic.
  • Super affordable!  $65 for a complete year for multiple children is a great deal.  Plus you have it all digitally which means nothing to lose!
  • Customer service is really great! Every question we had as reviewers was quickly addressed and always answered promptly.


  • Not sure about the resale value.  This is important to me as I often pay for new curriculum through the sale of old curriculum.  I would certainly check into that if I was purchasing it.


If you are looking for a great elementary Spanish curriculum, this is for you.  It is well put together , easy to implement. and priced reasonably.  It becomes a an especially frugal deal if you have multiple children to teach with it.  I most certainly be recommending this product to anyone who needs a solid Spanish curriculum with no Spanish background.