Mosaic Review #3 : We Choose Virtues and Coupon Code

As part of the Mosaics Review Team, I was privileged to be chosen to get the We Choose Virtues set.  I was ecstatic when chosen as we are always working on character development and habit training here in autismland.  In addition , Scripture memorization is a pivotal part of our homeschool day.  It is my opinion that if I can fill their little minds with Scripture now then the Holy Spirit will bring it to their mind when they need it.  The Bible also tells us to fix on thoughts on Jesus.  Scripture memorization fulfills that command.

Therefore, holy brothers and sisters, who share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus, whom we acknowledge as our apostle and high priest.   Hebrews 3:1 NIV

I received the following to review:
1. Handbook: No need to print this 52 full-color handbook. retail price $5:00 PDF
2. Butterfly Award: retail price $3.00 PDF
3. Coloring Pages: retail price $3.00 PDF
4. Character Assessment: Free
5. One set of Virtue Flash Cards in one of three versions (KJV, NIrV, or secular) Retail price $14.99
6. A sample Parenting Card with a 20% promo code
The first 4 items came through email. They were prompt and efficient. I love that we had a conference call with this vendor and she seemed genuinely interested in helping us out with any problems we were encountering. The customer service for this company seems to be top notch.
What I didn’t care for was the handbook being in pdf. I like to have hard copies of teacher’s manuals and handbooks . There are times when I have a question about doing something and don’t want to turn on my laptop. It never fails that as soon as my laptop comes on, I get sucked into something and times eludes me. We also do a ton of car schooling and waiting room schooling where I don’t always have access to my laptop. A hard copy would have been nice.
We received items #5 & #6 in the mail. The children ecstatically tore open the envelope to look at it. Their first reaction was that it was too babyish. Now in the company’s defense, I have children 9 & up. These cards seem to be slanted toward a much younger crowd. They are working on an older children version. I would love to see that when it’s finished.
The cards are bright and colorful. The verses that you need to work on that character trait are printed right on the card for you. The coloring pages are a great reinforcement. All of this things are fantastic ideas for children 8 & younger especially those with autism. I could see this working well with my highly visual kids a few years ago. They would also be perfect in the children’s church ministry at any church.
In my opinion, if you have older children then the Child Training Bible is going to work better for you. If you want to start training your younger children before transitioning to the Child Training Bible then this would be a good program.
Another option to consider is the cost. $100 is a bit steep for a character development kit. Most homeschooling families are one income families and need to homeschool as frugally as possible. The cost would have been prohibitive to me if I was looking at this kit on my own. I don’t know that it would have made my top ten list of things that I need to buy for a new school year.
Since we talked cost, let me finish by sharing some coupon codes that were generously shared by this company:
Home20 will give you 20% off the homeschool kit
Virtue15 will give you 15% off anything else in the store