Math Mammoth Review

Math is such a tough subject for us here in Autismland. One child excels in it, one could take it or leave it, and one refers to it as her mortal enemy. In an attempt to find a math curriculum for one of them, we tried Math Mammoth.   They have workbooks by grade or by concepts.  I picked the 6th grade full curriculum since I had one in 6th grade and one coming into 6th grade next year.  They both used it for this review although one liked it much better than the other. 

For purposes of this review, I was given the curriculum for free. The opinions and observations are all my own.  No sugar coated, you paid me so I must say nice things here. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Info about Math Mammoth

  • There are 2 series for Math Mammoth.  The Blue series which covers concepts like clocks, money , division, fractions and other things all the way up to Algebra.  The Light Blue series is an entire year curriculum from grades 1-6.
  • It comes in ebook format direct from the website so you print what you need or you can send it to Staples and get it printed and bound.  This is part of what makes it so affordable.  You can get a printed version from Amazon if you would rather go that route.
  • The Light Blue Series contains everything you need for the entire year.  Texts, workbook, tests and answer key. In addition , there is a worksheet generator where you can make customized worksheets for your child. This is for grades 1-7 and there are placement tests on the website.
  • The Math Mammoth Blue Series has workbooks by concepts . These are generally used to supplement a curriculum rather than be the main component. Addition, subtraction, money, fractions, or percents are just to name a few.


Pros of Math Mammoth

  • It’s affordable.  If you have more than one child then this could be a great way to to teach math without breaking the bank. Print what you need for each child to go through the program and only buy it once.
  • The concepts are explained on the sheet with the work texts so it could be self teaching for a strong math student.  If you are math phobic like me then this is a big selling point. It keeps it front and center so you don’t have to go flipping through books to find what you need.
  • It’s mastery oriented. Your child knows the concept before moving on to the next one. One thing I loved was they taught the concepts as well as how they were used. So place value or decimals leads into money and how it’s used.
  • It’s well organized with a ton of info in it. There are videos teaching the concept if your child is struggling.

Cons Of Math Mammoth

  • It is common core aligned and was specifically made that way. This is important to some homeschool families so I want you to know that from the beginning.
  • It was not a good fit for my hands on visual girl who doesn’t do well with worksheets as a curriculum. The concept only books were ok for her but all in all, she did not like it.
  • We thought it was a little advanced so if you’re jumping in mid year or changing curriculums, I highly recommend the placement tests before you buy.

Final thoughts on Math Mammoth

It’s a good program IF and only IF you have a strong math student or one that is a linguistic, logical learner. It’s affordable for everyone and you don’t need a ton of extra manipulatives to do it.

For a child with autism who often thinks in pictures, this may not be the right fit. For the child with autism who is highly logical and is math oriented then this may work. It’s affordable enough that if you try it and it doesn’t work then you’re not out a great deal of money.

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