Making a last minute substitution

Logan is struggling with his read a loud time. He reads too fast and mumbles. It can get quite infuriating really and turns into an unpleasant time for both of us. I moved it so that he was doing read a loud time every day thinking that the practice would do him good. He is getting better but progress is slow. Real slow.

Yesterday, we were talking about our upcoming trip to see the new Harry Potter movie. You see, I promised to take them to see the new movie this Friday if they complete all their lessons for the week. We are seriously behind in our lessons. Another week off last week because I was ill did not help. We may not get to take our Christmas break at this rate.
Logan suggested during our conversation that I read the Harry Potter books. He shared with me that he found them quite interesting. After a short pause, I blurted out that we could read them together. It really was a blurt, not a complete thought. Like God knew that Logan was bored with House on Pooh Corner. Logan excitedly agreed to that idea and is actually looking forward to read a loud time today. Here’s praying that this helps us to overcome this barrier. This is an important job skill. What I love about it is that we were able to make this substitution. I love homeschooling!