Make The World A Better Place

The world can be a dark place. Autism parents see this anytime a public meltdown arises or their child with autusm does something people deem odd.  There are always angels among us though that will step up to help regardless of what others think or say.  Strive to be that kind of person to others whenever you can. I remind myself that I never know what demons the other person is facing at any given time. Be kind to everyone is my motto.

Helping is a natural feeling for human beings. For people, the knowledge that the world is not perfect and that it is crippled by many issues pushes us to act. The bottom line is that everyone wants to make the world a better place. Of course, we’re not all sitting on top of a little fortune we can invest to change people’s lives. You don’t need to be rich to make a difference. You don’t even need to be famous to move things. You just need to give it a go.

Ask yourself: What is your God’s purpose for my life?

One isn’t altruist without reason. There’s a known debate about the feeling of self-fulfillment you experience when you can help others. The very act of making the world a better place is about understanding something essential, God’s purpose for your  life. Not many people can safely answer the question ‘what is your mission’, but very few understand the consequences of their knowledge. When you find the path God wants for you, you get a privileged insight into how your actions can help to build a better world. As a Christian, you need to consistently ask yourself  how you fit in God’s plan – and not how God fits in your life. By taking the dynamic off of yourself, decisons become easier to make based on Kingdom goals.

Find ways to let others know

You don’t need to travel or change your lifestyle to have a positive impact. Too many individuals feel disheartened at the idea that they don’t have the financial means of somebody like Bill Gates and believe that they can’t make a difference. In reality, if your mission requires you to become a multimillionaire, you might need to rethink about how you, as an individual, fit in the world. Something as simple as providing some guidance for the lost with kind Christian words – such as offering Halloween sweets with some words from the Bible – doesn’t break the bank. But it can encourage those who need direction to open up. If, like with the fires in California, you want to donate to those who have lost their homes, letting others know about your intention can encourage donations. Ultimately when others know about your intentions, they can reach out. People often want to help other people reach their goals. Give them the opportunity.

Every little help can make a difference

Giving doesn’t have to be big.  Little things don’t always get noticed at first. They aren’t flashy like over the top giving. However, it’s the little things that matter the most. Something as simple as smiling to everybody doesn’t cost a cent. But it can dramatically improve the day of others! A smile is a positive interaction, and as positive interactions go, it’s by far the most contagious of all. When somebody smiles at you, it automatically makes you feel good. It makes you want to smile back at them, and at everyone else. When one person smiles, the world smiles with them. Additionally, a smile conveys a positive and casual attitude, which affects the people around you and yourself. It’s not to say that all conflicts can be avoided through smiling, but you’d be surprised by the results you can achieve!

Little habits don’t have to break the bank

Wildlife protection associations have been repeating it over and over again for several years. Protecting wildlife doesn’t have to be expensive. On the contrary, you can save wildlife directly from your garden. By keeping a fountain or a pond in your garden, you can provide water for birds and other small animals, ensuring, for instance, that your neighborhood remains green and wildlife-friendly. As you provide small animals with a welcome and safe environment, you also help to make the planet greener. In other words, if you’ve been worried about your impact on the planet, the first thing to look at is the footprint you leave behind. Making the world a better place is also about protecting life as part of your everyday routine. The moment you understand that making a difference requires only little efforts, you’d be more tempted to give it a try.

What if you want to give for a big cause?

Big causes can be stressful to tackle if you’re not sure where to start. However, you’ll find plenty of fundraising programs that encourage people like you to sign up to a donation page. Of course, with fundraising, you need to give a little of yourself too. Don’t let this make you nervous. Charlie Simpson, a young boy from London, has been able to raise more than $240,000 a few years back for the Haiti earthquake. On his fundraising page, the 7-year-old said he wanted to make some money to help the people in Haiti and offered to do a sponsored bike ride. His initial target of £500 (about $643 USD) was rapidly achieved. It’s Charlie’s kind heart that appealed to donors. So what’s stopping you from doing the same?  

Being your best every day for others

Making a difference is about being the best you can be every day. However, it’s important here to mention that it’s real people who make the world a better place. And real people do get things wrong from time to time. You don’t have to be perfect to achieve your objectives. On the contrary, getting things done and supporting a cause you believe in starts with yourself. You need to accept that the impact you’ll have may never make the headlines. You might never be the biggest donor or the best helper. But not being perfect doesn’t mean you can’t be good at helping others. You can make the world a better place, not only even if you’re not always flawless, but especially because you are not flawless. Not all heroes wear capes.

Make giving the most natural thing on earth

Giving back needs to become a natural behavior on your path to improving the world. Random acts of kindness can go a long way, from paying someone’s bill in the restaurant to bringing a meal to a sick friend. As you practice giving, you need to practice also giving to yourself. You have to be kind to yourself if you want to be kind to others. Indulge every now and then, because when you’re happy you can make others happy too.

Do you have to rich or famous to change the world? No, everybody can build today a better future for tomorrow. And as you navigate the troubles of finding your purpose, creating new habits, and sharing your intentions, remember always to look after yourself too. Don’t lose yourself in the act of giving; you matter too.