Make a Sensory Box for Multi-Sensory Teaching

Kids love to take part in learning. When you teach your child using all their senses they are much more likely to engage and remember. After years of going nowhere my daughter finally learned YELLOW by using multi-sensory teaching.

I want to share this method with you!


Make a sensory box at home for multi-sensory teaching. By teaching using all the senses, you increase the chance that your children will remember what he learned.


First let me tell you about the lovely little girl that pushed me outside my norm to consider multi-sensory teaching. My daughter had mitochondrial disease and a serious brain defect called a Chiari malformation. The combination of these genetic issues caused autism and slower processing. She struggled with the simplest things like colors, letters, numbers, or even safety. We didn’t stop trying but I was out of normal ways to teach her and the therapist said good bye.

One day I had an idea to just throw the rule book out the door and try something wild, fun and engaging!

I took everything YELLOW from the whole house. A yellow sheet warmed in the dryer like the sun. All the yellow markers, crayons, pastels, chalks, even gel pens. I got lemons. Pictures of things like the sun that are yellow and funny made up songs of yellow. ALL that in one intense morning of yellow.

She learned YELLOW!

Now how can you create a fun sensory box that teaches in the multi-sensory method I used to teach my daughter yellow.

Let’s just pretend you too want to teach your child yellow and create a sensory box for yellow.


Sensory Box Bases


FIRST you need a BASE: Colored Rice, Paper Easter Grass, Colored Sand, Kinetic Sand, Colored Shaving Cream and so many more as per your child’s needs.

Next you should add some fun sensory play items. I like to mix therapy and play toys that can stay in the box all the time and an item or two that are fresh like a flower or lemon.


Add Fun Sensory Items

You can even take it a step further and add that warm sheet tied like a super hero cape! A glass of lemonade and a lemon cookie to engage all senses. Don’t forget to sing ‘You are my Sunshine” at the top of the voice while dancing and singing. Believe me getting your child to be fully enveloped in a topic like yellow in a multi-sensory way will be FUN and HELPFUL!


Heather Laurie of and author of ‘Homeschooling When Learning Isn’t Easy’. Mom of 5 wonderful children all with special needs: mitochondrial disease, autism, learning disabilities to medical issues. As a veteran homeschooler with a passion to help others dealing with special needs she speaks at conventions and writes to support and encourage the special needs homeschooling community.

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