Make A Difference Monday

Make a difference Monday is our new Monday tradition to tour a local community service organization.  We either serve or learn ways to serve while we find out about the organization.  Before you hear about this  let me remind everyone that we don’t start our homeschool lessons until after Michael aka Dad leaves for work at  2 PM.  We can easily get in community service and get our lessons done for that day.  That said, I believe this is more important than lessons so we would do it anyway.  If all I teach my children is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this cruel dark world then I have fulfilled my purpose.


The Mission of Winter Haven allowed our group to come serve lunch to the local homeless community.   Madison & JoJo were the water people in the dining room.  They walked around refilling everyone’s cup of water while they ate their lunch.  They also took trays and wiped tables.  Logan did dishes.  Yes. you read that correctly.  Logan did dishes in the back.  Without me.  I stayed in the dining room with the littles to be sure all stayed well.  I have started to step away letting him do it himself.   Now, I don’t walk away leaving him to his own defenses.  He knows that he can come get me at anytime for assistance.  That’s what happens when you build trust .  He’s willing to do things out of his comfort zone knowing that I will respect when he’s had enough.  I am building that same relationship with the littles now.


Make a difference Monday is our Monday homeschool tradition to start the week with service.
Lighthouse Ministries

The children and I deliver commodities to elderly clients every month.  We have built a repertoire with our clients often bringing extra food and necessities to them with their  monthly food boxes.  I thought it would be fabulous to show the children where those boxes are packed as well as where the food comes from for the boxes.  We had an extremely informative tour with the many ideas on earning community service hours for our high school students.   It remains my prayer that others in our group learned how to help this organization as well as making some fun memories for the kids.  I don’t think anyone in the group is going to forget that giant walk in freezer anytime soon.

Make A Difference Monday is our Monday homeschool tradition to start our week off with service.
Volunteer in Services to the Elderly

My goal in doing this is to make volunteering and serving others so common in my children’s lives that it seems second nature to them .  That it comes to them as second nature as breathing.  Without it, they feel like something’s missing.  Yes, this will make them stand out in our me first society.  You see, that’s part of the point.  People will want to know why they are different.  It’s at that point that they will see Jesus in us. That’s all that matters anyway.

Faith without works is dead.  James 2:14

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