Looking for nature everywhere

Recently we took a trip to South Carolina.  Our last day there, we had time to kill before meeting up with Michael’s cousin in Georgia.  I decided at the last minute to see if there were any letterboxes in the area to discover.  Finding one at a local park with a playground and picnic tables was a gift from God.

After we ate and took pictures with the pumpkin sculpture, we took off in search of the Tinkerbell letterboxes. Imagine our surprise when the first clue led us to this beautiful creek.  The children were mesmerized by the water flow and all the various insects and fish in it. The plants growing in and near it where quite the topic of discussion as were the multitude of minnows. Trees leaning over the creek were climbed on to get a better look at the water below.

Of course we did actually letterbox.  After finding the first clue by the creek, we were off to a wonderful rose bush to find the second one.  By this time, all three children were excitedly pointing out the beautiful crepe myrtle trees and remarking about how much they wanted a creek in their own backyard.
Into a wooded area we went in search of the third clue.  This one was much harder for us to find.  It would have been easier if everyone was following the clue and not checking out all the wonderful nature surrounding us.  We did find it eventually but not before discovering wild mushrooms and a plethora of mosquitoes too.

After the third one, we actually called it quits with the letterboxes.  All the children wanted to do was to run down and check out the creek.  I decided that was a spectacular idea and let them loose.  They squealed with delight at my suggestion that they wade into the water to get a better look.  Madison followed the flow of the water to what looked like a storm drain.  Logan followed the minnows upstream to see where they were coming from.  JoJo kept telling me how cold the water was and it felt refreshing on his hot feet.  They would have played for hours.

Alas, I did drag them away from the creek to eat lunch.  It was quite the lively discussion about all we saw in the creek and the woods.  Madison was chomping at the bit to put all of her discoveries into her nature journal when she got into the truck.  Nature really came alive for all of them.  It was one of the highlights of our trip.