Let’s do it naturally!

I thought I would add on to my detoxing chlorine post with some more natural chelators. The Taca website (http://www.talkaboutcuringautism.org/ ) describes chelation as:

Chelation is the process of removing toxic metals from the body. Toxic metals are said to come from many sources including our environment, fish, and vaccines.

Now, there are medically prescribed chelators that come in various forms like ivs, suppositories and pill form. I am not against any of those and we will probably use one or some of those methods in the future. For no other reason than to reduce Logan’s copper load.

First, I want to get the metals body burden test from Laboratoire Philippe (Autism Panel (Porphyrins + Pterins + 8oHdG + Isoprostane) which would tell us his metals body burden and his oxidative stres level. That way, we would have a baseline by which to work with and know exactly what we are looking at. We have not done it yet because it’s $410 that’s not covered by insurance. It’s not covered by insurance because it is sent to a foreign lab. Never mind, that no lab here in the US does it. Apparently , that fact is irrelevant. Someone explain that to me, please.

So, until then , we are implementing many natural chelators. The way I see it, that makes less work for us later when we start the medical protocol. Who knows, maybe the natural ones will be all we need! God is good all the time!

Now, Dr. Amy Holmes, has a great paper on chelation. She is part of the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) think tank. She recommends the following natural chelators:

  1. Vitamin C ( this is a water soluble vitamin so your body will get rid of what is unnecessary. Logan takes 5000-6000 mgs daily for chelation purposes and to help curb constipation)
  2. Selenium (I actually get this at Walgreens when they have bogo vitamin sales)
  3. Glutathione (http://www.kirkmanlabs.com/)
  4. Garlic ( We love this in our house and I cook with it often but I think I will get a supplement too)
  5. NDF (Nanocolloidal Detox Factors) http://purehealthsystems.com/heavy-metal-plus.html (I am still researching this so I have not used it)
  6. EDTA
    EDTA medical research information
    Essential Daily DefenseEDTA brand
    Known for lead and cadmium removal – also Mercury
    EDTA = garlic + malic acid (apple derived) = natural chelator ( this seems interesting to me as Logan is very high in lead)

I am NOT trying to cure Logan’s autism ( I hate the Taca name). I AM trying to make him the healthiest he can be so he can live a long and happy life. A toxic metal load is not good for anyone , typical or autistic. We already know that his liver does not detox well hence the Wilson’s Disease.

****Remember that I am not a Dr nor do I play one on this blog. I simply report what I have found while researching and what has worked for our family. PLEASE consult a real live Dr. before beginning anything medical. ******