Learning to Eat the Frog!

Learning to Eat The Frog is  doing the hardest task first. You make a list of things that need to be done then order them in importance with one being the hardest, most time consuming, or most pressing. Before you can procrastinate,  you do the hardest one first before tackling the rest. You move on to the easier tasks if there is time for them. 

Learning to eat the frog is a great skill to ward off the bad habit of procrastination


This is a higher level skill for children so I certainly would not recommend doing this with preschoolers . As a matter of fact, Madison is having a harder time working independently than Logan . She has not grasped the concept that by doing her work now then she can play later. We have to verbally role model it for her and continue to point out the benefits when we see them. For her, eating the frog is to do math first. She doesn’t feel competent therefore she finds it difficult. That would be her frog. She sees it on her planner but doesn’t want to do it. For her, we have had to back up to make her feel more competent in math before we can convince her to eat the frog. 

Logan on the other hand is working independently very well. He  is not eating the frog. He will push it away, hide it , or try to forget about it. For Logan, the frog would be his copywork or writing work. Those things are really hard for him. He would rather do the math or the free reading which naturally comes easy to him.

This is worked on as a RDI objective. The objective is to self motivate to do an unpleasant task. Hence, he needs to learn to eat the frog. I would never have attempted this particular objective with him without the independent work already in place. If you can’t make the assignment sheet for the week and have the child follow it without you , then don’t try to eat the frog with them. One has to be in place before the other.  That is the reason we go back to fill in the developmental gaps.

We instill this habit to ward off the bad habit of procrastination. They will be so more productive which in turn will create positive episodic memories for them. As adults, it will translate as a good work ethic.  A trait that is sorely lacking in our world today.